Oberalp Pass: by motorbike to the Swiss lighthouse!

Oberalppass: motorcycle itinerary to the highest and most unusual lighthouse in Europe in Switzerland between the Canton of Uri and the Canton of Grisons.

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Switzerland is a country with enchanting landscapes and some oddities: between the canton Uri and the canton of Grisons we find the Oberalp pass, an itinerary known above all for its curious "lighthouse" with a slightly marine style.

Starting from Andermatt, the Oberalp pass lends itself to being included in a wider itinerary that includes several Swiss passes in the vicinity such as Grimsel, Susten and the Novena Pass

Altitude (meters above sea level) 2.046 m
Length 32 Km
connection Andermatt - Disentis, Switzerland
Number of hairpin bends 24
What to see in the surroundings Oberalp lake, the Oberalppass lighthouse.
Typical dishes of the area Spätzli, flour dumplings, dried beef.
Winter closure From November to May
Road conditions and notes Good conditions, minimal difficulty, speed cameras in built-up areas.

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To get to the Oberalp pass we will drive along a road that winds through hairpin bends and quiet stretches to the destination where we will find theOberalppass lighthouse, a real working lighthouse!


The pass is located on the territory of the municipality of Tujetsch, and is famous for its proximity (3 kilometers) to Lake Toma, considered the source of the Rhine river. winter months, when the roads are closed.

The Oberalppass Lighthouse:

The lighthouse was built for symbolic purposes, as it is a reproduction of the lighthouse Hook van The Netherlands which, from 1900 to 1970, was located at the mouth of the Reindeer a Rotterdam. Today we can admire the original lighthouse at the Coastal Lighting Museum of Rotterdam.


Let's start with Andermatt, southwards until you take the Gassa / Road 19 and after twenty minutes we are at Oberalpsee. The Statale 19 overcomes a large initial difference in height with a series of hairpin bends, before taking us to an easier stretch. Once at the pass we can only admire the view from the beautiful lighthouse and refresh ourselves in one of the two restaurants present. After the usual photos at the mouth of the Rhine, we take road 19 back to Disentis, the final destination of our itinerario.