New Yamaha TMAX

Yamaha Motor presents the new TMAX and TMAX Tech MAX sport scooters, more sporty, comfortable, manageable and connected.

new yamaha tmax scooter test test review impressions price data sheet video
New Yamaha TMAX 2022

Yamaha introduces the new TMAX with a brand new design, inspired by sports, new more compact fairing, as well as new wheels and updated suspension that allow a sportier handling.

It is also the Sports scooter Yamaha Smarter than ever with the highest specification, equipped with 7-inch color TFT instrumentation that features full map Garmin navigation.

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Sportier, leaner and smarter, the8th generation TMAX and TMAX Tech MAX presents equipment capable of offering a fully automatic driving experience.


new yamaha tmax scooter test test review impressions price data sheet video
New Yamaha TMAX 2022

The original TMAX was the first scooter to offer motorcycle performance combined with practicality. A key feature of the 560cc parallel twin engine is the absence of vibrations, thanks to the use of a horizontal reciprocating piston. This unique design helps eliminate vibration without the need for a traditional rocker arm, substantially reducing engine height and allowing space for a larger under-seat load compartment.


new yamaha tmax scooter test test review impressions price data sheet video
New Yamaha TMAX 2022

The all-new body of the TMAX is more compact than ever, and features a new aggressive nose with protruding aerodynamic air intakes and wings, as well as dual LED headlights, with integrated turn signals that give an even more imposing and dominant look inspired by the motorcycle career.

To pay homage to the original model that totally transformed the market and introduced a whole new way of living and driving, the new TMAX will be available in Extreme Yellow.


new yamaha tmax scooter test test review impressions price data sheet video
New Yamaha TMAX 2022

The new TMAX thanks to one 7-inch color TFT screen, rewrites the rules of the category, displays a series of easy-to-read data. Pilots can choose from one of three display styles based on the one that best suits their personal needs. All three displays feature a central digital speedometer, the Sporty style features a radial block tachometer, while the Intelligent style features a more refined needle speedometer, and the Authentic style displays a classic looking needle tachometer.

After connecting the smartphone, the rider can use the joystick on the left handlebar to select the desired functions, including playing music, receiving notifications, checking the local weather and more. Headphones ** connected via Bluetooth are required to listen to music or answer calls, while messages can be displayed when the TMAX is parked.

The new TMAX, if connected via Bluetooth, allows pilots to access the Garmin navigation full map, with turn-by-turn voice instructions via earphones **. This state-of-the-art system is equipped with real-time traffic updates and presents the possibilities of alternative route suggestions to save time. Garmin's PhotoReal Junction View realistically depicts intersections and junctions along the route for easy navigation, while a brightly colored arrow alerts the driver to the appropriate lane to take for the next exit.


new yamaha tmax scooter test test review impressions price data sheet video
New Yamaha TMAX 2022

The sporty and precise handling of the TMAX is further perfected by the presence of new rims 10-spoke, made with the exclusive Yamaha technology, Spin Forged which allows to produce wheels with much thinner sections, while maintaining the same resistance. These new lighter wheels reduce unsprung weight for more responsive suspension action, while inertial momentum is reduced by approximately 10% at the front and 6% at the rear, to deliver a sportier ride and a more comfortable feel. lighter handling.

With fork High quality motorcycle-style 41mm upside-down stems and single rear shock provide class-leading handling and excellent stability at all speeds. For 2022, the new TMAX features modified suspension settings, developed to offer greater front feel coupled with superior agility. This was possible thanks to a greater damping force, which gives a feeling of greater progression to the action of the suspension.

The sporty handling and high-speed stability of the TMAX are enhanced by the use of Bridgestone tires Battlax SC2, specific to the model, designed to work together with the unique wheels made with SpinForged technology and modified suspension.

5Ergonomic spaces and furniture

new yamaha tmax scooter test test review impressions price data sheet video
New Yamaha TMAX 2022

The driving position to allow the driver to fully exploit the sporting potential of the 5cc EURO560 engine and aluminum chassis. The three points of the rider's triangle have been modified to create a slightly more forward leaning position. This was achieved through the use of a new exposed forged aluminum handlebar, as well as a new longer saddle and larger rider footpegs, which offer greater freedom of movement.

La saddle Longer rider features an adjustable backrest with 30mm longitudinal movement, offers acceleration support and extra comfort on longer journeys. Together with the larger footrests, the saddle improves ergonomics and allows riders with different builds to find the best riding position, as well as offering everyone greater freedom of posture according to different riding conditions.

TMAX is equipped with a new windscreen adjustable, which contributes to the design of the new model. A key feature of the new windshield is the central air intake, designed to reduce wind pressure on the rider's upper body, for a more comfortable, quieter and more enjoyable ride.


new yamaha tmax scooter test test review impressions price data sheet video
New Yamaha TMAX 2022

The number one sport scooter in Europe features the latest complete ride-by-wire technology in the form of a new sensor throttle position position (APSG) and the proven Yamaha Chip Controlled Throttle (YCC-T). The new APSG sensor replaces the traditional cable and pulley system, features a magnet and sensor that detects throttle inputs and transmits data to the YCC-T.

I fari The newly designed 'twin-eye' LED lights feature single vision lenses that project a brilliant beam of light for excellent night vision and 24-hour visibility. The sporty and compact design features integrated turn signals for a refined minimal look that underlines the premium finishes and status of this class-leading sport scooter.

Keyless operation allows the rider to access their scooter while wearing the Smart Key. For 2022, then, the TMAX takes practicality to the next level, thanks to the next generation switches that simplify the whole process. The new central switch brings together the functions, so the rider can turn the main power on and off, activate the handlebar lock switch and open the seat in fewer steps.

TMAX is the first Yamaha motorcycle, motorbike or scooter to feature an elegant aircraft-style fuel cap, which opens automatically within two minutes of turning off the main switch for refueling operations. The flush-mounted fuel cap is also accessible at any time if the user has the Smart Key with them. There is also an alarm that warns if the fuel cap has not been closed properly.