New super compact kit INFLATE AND REPAIR VT100

INFLATE AND REPAIR VT100 is the tire repair tool to always keep with you, in case of a puncture, to get back on the road immediately and continue your motorcycle journey.

INTEC-Inflate and Repair VT100 compressor tire repair motorcycle tires punctures

INFLATE AND REPAIR VT100 is the tire repair tool to always keep with you, in the event of a puncture, to get back on the road immediately and continue your motorcycle journey.

After so many days around in motorcycle to track ours itineraries and various tests, we decided to try, even if partially, the Gonfia e Ripara VT100, distributed by Intec Srl.

Like many of us travelers, we were a bit skeptical initially, not so much for the effectiveness of the now super-proven sealant liquid, as for the small compressor. Wrong!

And now we tell you immediately why it is very useful to always carry one with you:

  • The compressor and its components are separable and easy to store under the saddle or in other small cramped compartments of the bike.
  • Weighs only 650 grams and it is really small and space-saving (110x95x70)
  • The compressor can run for 15 minutes at a pressure of 2,5 bar (it took us 45 seconds) and has the gauge clearly visible analog.
  • Among accessories we have the cable set complete: with eyelets with SAE connection (can also be used for other uses), with pliers o Lighter, a bottle of 100 ml of sealing liquid.
  • It can work also with tube tires (for smaller holes) but, in this case, it is necessary to find the nail and extract it and the intervention may therefore be less effective, especially if the chamber is slightly torn.

The special sealing liquid by Inflate and Repair VT100, with Active Seal technology, is able to repair holes caused by objects up to 6mm and it's compatible with pressure sensors TPMS systems that are starting to find application even on the most recent motorcycles. It is also 100% safe for both the user and the environment and can be removed with the use of simple water.

Unfortunately or fortunately, we didn't puncture, but Giovanni's Tiger 800 tubeless tire deflated it to 0,8 bar to test the compressor. The instructions, in case of a puncture, they are really anyway clear and well illustrated, step by step.

Let's move on to inflation. Once well hooked to the valve, attached to the battery, let's start the engine in neutral so as not to discharge the latter and turn on the compressor. We register an initial pressure of 0,8 bar and, chronometer in hand, we get to 2 bars in 45 seconds net. Simply great. After the operation, we put everything back under the saddle.

In addition to the effectiveness and convenience of such a small and indispensable product for all motorcyclists and scooter riders, travelers and non-travelers alike, Inside the package you will also find a two-year subscription to the Europe Assistance breakdown service, in the event that the damage is not repairable or for other breakdowns on the motorcycle.

The new VT100 Inflate and Repair kit proposed by Intec is available on company e-commerce site and from authorized dealers, at a recommended price starting from € 43,00 + VAT.

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