New Honda CRF300 Rally and CRF300L

The small Japanese duals are renewed and grown, more power and handling for the duals most appreciated by the world market.

New Honda CRF300 Rally and CRF300L
New Honda CRF300 Rally and CRF300L

New Honda CRF300L and CRF300 Rally. Honda's dual purpose machines improve everything: more powerful engine, less weight, multifaceted as always.

  • New 286cc long-stroke engine with 10% more power and 18% more torque
  • Full weight reduced by 4 kg for 13% improved power-to-weight ratio
  • New chassis, extended travel suspension, increased ground clearance, redesigned steering geometry and redesigned riding position, improve all-terrain capabilities and agility
  • New clearer and more information-rich LCD display
  • Fuel capacity increased by 2,7 liters for the CRF300 Rally, which is also more comfortable and features a slightly lower seat.

The CRF250L, launched in Europe in 2012, year after year, he proved his qualities as a light enduro dual purpose. In 2017 it was joined by the CRF250 Rally, with a look strictly derived from the experiences at the Dakar Rally and focused on long-range adventures. 2021 brings important updates for both models, the first of which is the increase in engine displacement, now mounted in a decidedly lighter chassis, which leads to an improvement in the power / weight ratio of as much as 13%.


2021 HONDA CRF300 New engine
2021 HONDA CRF300 New engine

With a displacement of 286 cc, the single-cylinder, twin-shaft, 4-valve, liquid-cooled and Euro5 approved engine develops a maximum power of 27,3 hp at 8.500 rpm and a maximum torque of 26,6 Nm at 6.500 rpm. min (compared to the previous 24,8 hp and 22,6 Nm of the 250 cc engine). Engine breathing is improved thanks to profound updates to the distribution and intake and exhaust systems. Gear ratios are shorter from 1st to 5th, while 6th is longer to accommodate relaxed and more comfortable transfers. The clutch is now of the assisted type and with anti-hopping, for a lever effort reduced by 20% and sudden downshifts without the risk of loss of grip.


The redesigned steel semi-double cradle frame, aluminum swingarm and lower triple tree, offer the greatest contribution to the overall weight reduction of 4 kg, while substantial changes affect the balance of stiffness - with more lateral flexibility - for a improved feeling of control. The steering geometry has been redesigned accordingly and the suspension features increased travel (+ 10mm front / + 20mm rear for the CRF300L and + 10mm front / rear for the CRF300 Rally) with increased ground clearance for both.

3CRF300 Rally

2021 HONDA CRF300 Rally
2021 HONDA CRF300 Rally

At 885mm, the seat of the CRF300 Rally is now mounted on rubber mounts and is 10mm lower than the previous model. The petrol tank gains 2,7 liters of capacity for a total hour of 12,8 liters, which is equivalent to over 400 km of autonomy thanks to an average consumption of over 32 km / l. With the weights inside the handlebar there are reduced vibrations and the ride comfort also increases thanks to the coating on the footpegs. The LED turn signals now have flexible supports to be more resistant in the most extreme uses.


2021 HONDA CRF300L

The CRF300L comes with an attractive and slimmer look, 7,8 liter tank and renewed LCD dashboard. The riding position has also been updated to promote agility in travel and maneuverability at low speeds: the handlebars are slightly further back while the footpegs are slightly lower and further back. The saddle is slightly higher, at 880 mm.

5Dual purpose

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But both the CRF300L and the CRF300 Rally remain first and foremost sensational motorcycle all-rounder, light, easy to drive and super reliable, for itineraries of the weekend, aoff-road excursion or around the world, just as their original formula wants dual purpose.