New Africa Twin CRF1100L and Adventure Sports 2020

New CRF1100L Africa Twin and Africa Twin Adventure Sports 2020. All new on the Honda Maxi Enduro, among the most versatile on the market.

Africa Twin CRF1100L Adventure Sports 2020
Africa Twin CRF1100L MY 2020

Here comes the evolution of the bike that has already made the history of adventures in the world: the Africa Twin 2020 is deeply evolving.

It is lighter, more powerful, more technological and with an even more marked identity: the basic model is unequivocally oriented towards off-road more challenging, the version adventure sports head straight for big raids and long journeys with unmatched protection and equipment.


  • african twin is all new: engine, frame, chassis, electronics!
  • New 1100cc engine with 102 HP (+7 HP) and 105 Nm (+6 Nm), Euro5
  • The Africa Twin base is now more off-road and adventuring oriented
  • Africa Twin Adventure Sports was born for big raids and long journeys
  • Both lighter (-4 kg and -3 kg) improve the power / weight ratio
  • New multifunction 6.5 ”TFT touch instrumentation
  • Apple CarPlay® for iPhone® and Bluetooth connectivity for all smartphones
  • 6-axis IMU inertial platform
  • 4 preset Riding Modes and 2 customizable
  • Adjustable delivery, traction control, engine brake, anti wheelie
  • Cornering ABS with rear wheel anti-lift function
  • Cruise control
  • Versions with 6-speed DCT double clutch gearbox
  • Cornering lights progressive based on lean angle (Adventure Sports only)
  • Showa EERA electronic suspension (Adventure Sports only)
  • Tubeless tangential spoke rims (Adventure Sports only)
  • Wide availability accessories

Chassis and engine
The parallel twin engine has been deeply redesigned. The displacement rises from 998 to 1.084 cc with an increase in the stroke. The interventions involved the distribution, the combustion chambers, the power supply, the cylinders, the countershafts and the exhaust system. The power (from 95 to 102 hp) and torque (from 99 to 105 Nm) and consequently the overall performance increase, but without affecting the proverbial handling and driving pleasure. The new Africa Twin 2020 is Euro5 approved.
The frame maintains the double descending beam layout with split semi-double cradle but has been entirely redesigned and lightened. The seat post is now aluminum, bolted on and lighter. Also new is the aluminum swingarm, derived from that of the CRF450R motocross.

Electronics and instrumentation
The most important novelty is the introduction of the 6-axis IMU inertial platform. It oversees all electronic driving aids: HSTC traction control, anti wheelie and new cornering ABS with rear wheel anti-lift function. Cruise control is standard and progressive cornering lights debut on the Adventure Sports version. The direction indicators with automatic deactivation and emergency flashing function have been confirmed during intense and sudden braking. 6 Riding Modes are available, 4 of which are preset (Tour, Urban, Gravel) and 2 fully customizable (User 1 and 2), to always create the ideal mix between power delivery, engine brake, ABS intervention and, in the case of Adventure Sports , Showa EERA electronic suspension setup.
The new dashboard is a sophisticated color, touch, 6.5 ”, multifunctional TFT unit, which can be set to different display modes, depending on the information you want to keep in the foreground. It can be connected to iPhones via the USB port on the front fairing to activate Apple CarPlay display. Bluetooth connectivity is also available for all smartphones.

CRF1100L Africa Twin
Emphasizing the already exceptional off-road qualities of the previous model, the new Africa Twin 1100 is more compact, lighter, essential, narrow and at the same time more sophisticated. The saddle is 870 mm, can be lowered without tools to 850 mm (higher or lower saddle available as an option). The windshield is low so as not to interfere with the rider's vision and movements, the tail is sleek and with a full weight of just 226 kg, thanks to 102 HP, it promises extraordinary off-road performance.

CRF1100L Africa Twin Adventure Sports
Characterized by a very complete equipment, the new CRF1100L Africa Twin Adventure Sports is the dream of every motorcyclist who loves adventuring, big raids and long journeys, even when fully loaded. It shares with the basic model all the innovations of the engine, frame and electronics, including the chassis dimensions, the handlebar-saddle-footpeg triangulation and the saddle height of 870 mm which can be lowered to 850 mm. However, it differs in numerous technical and aesthetic elements. The most evident is the large 24,8-liter tank, which ensures a range of up to 500 km. Then there is the high windshield that can be adjusted to 5 positions, the aluminum luggage rack and the tubeless-type tangential spoke rims, preferred by those who use them extensively on the road. Also standard corner lights progressive according to the lean angle, the 5-level heated grips and the 12V socket.
The greatest plus is represented by the Showa EERA electronic suspension, which offers 4 basic set ‑ ups integrating with the Riding Mode settings and allows you to set the spring preload from riding to solo up to riding with passenger and luggage.

Dual-Clutch Transmission
Honda has sold over 100.000 motorcycle equipped with DCT double clutch transmission in Europe since its debut in 2009 on the 1200 HP VFR173F. After 10 years, Honda is still the only manufacturer able to offer a similar level of technology applied to the sequential gearbox of motorcycles. As evidence of this success, since 2016, the year of relaunch of the Africa Twin, about half of the customers who have chosen it have preferred the version with DCT gearbox.
The system has been profoundly evolved in this decade and on the new CRF1100L Africa Twin it reaches the pinnacle of efficiency thanks to the introduction of the IMU inertial platform, which allows even more natural gear changes when cornering in the automatic D and S modes.

Colors, availability and prices
The CRF1100L Africa Twin is available in colors Grand Prix Red (Rally Red) and Matte Ballistic Black Metallic, both with red seat post. Both have black circles.
The CRF1100L Africa Twin Adventure Sports is available in evocative Pearl Glare White Tricolor with white frame and in an elegant Darkness Black Metallic with black frame. Both have gold-colored rims.
Over 87.000 Africa Twins have been sold worldwide since 2016. With this new 1100 model, the development of which required the registration of 21 new patents, Honda aims to win over thousands of new customers attracted by the infinite possibilities of discovery made possible by the unique original. maxienduro inspired by the concept of "True Adventure".
Available in Italian dealerships at the end of October, the CRF1100L Africa Twin enters the price list at € 14.990 for the version with manual gearbox and € 15.990 with DCT gearbox. The prices of the CRF1100L Africa Twin Adventure Sports are 18.990 euros for the version with manual gearbox and 19.990 euros with DCT gearbox.

Photo Credits Honda Motor Europe Ltd - Italy

SOURCEHonda Motor Europe Ltd - Italy