New Aprilia RSV4 with integrated winglets and 217hp

Aprilia presents the new RSV4 with integrated winglets, new electronics and many other innovations that make it even more unique and performing.

New Aprilia RSV4 motorbike superbike road track
New Aprilia RSV4

Aprilia presents the new RSV4 with integrated winglets, new electronics and many other innovations that make it even more unique and performing.

Born with the sole aim of winning in competitions, it is the only one to have gone through a decade gaining critical acclaim and laurels in all the top categories in which it raced, arriving, albeit extensively modified, also competing in MotoGP.

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Aprilia RSV4 has been constantly updated and refined over time, always remaining the reference point for sportiness and performance, the best example of what is possible to achieve by drawing on the precious experience of a winning Racing Department like that of Aprilia which, in its young history, has conquered 54 world titles, seven of which obtained in the SBK world championship.

New Aprilia RSV4 motorbike superbike road track
New Aprilia RSV4


Inimitable for its design clarity and applied technology, Aprilia RSV4 is designed around a 4-cylinder V 65 ° engine never seen before on a production sports car and a frame heir to a dynasty that has won 18 titles and 143 grands prix in the 250 GP, exalted by the most modern electronic systems applied to management of the engine and the dynamics of the motorcycle. An authentic vocation of Aprilia which was in fact the first to adopt the accelerator as standard Ride-by-wire multimap, but above all the first to patent the dynamic APRC controls, the most effective and complete suite of electronic adjustments at the pilot's service to maximize performance.


The new design of Aprilia RSV4 is the result of the great work carried out at the level of applied aerodynamics, confirming Aprilia's commitment to the study of increasingly complex and innovative solutions, after having first introduced the aerodynamic appendices on a production superbike already on the RSV4 RF LE in 2018 and then on the RSV4 1100 Factory in 2019 and 2020. Le winglets they are not added elements on the sides, but are integrated into the double-walled fairing: the downward pressure of the channeled air improves stability at high speeds, decreasing the tendency to wheelie when exiting corners, at the same time increasing stability in braking violent; it also improves engine cooling, also diverting hot air flows from the pilot. Added to this is an almost perfect ergonomics for sport driving, lights and LEDs, bending lights and all the easily removable appendages for use on the track.

New Aprilia RSV4 motorbike superbike road track
New Aprilia RSV4 - the Winglets


A peculiarity still exclusive to the RSV4 (and always characteristic of previous generations) is the exceptional possibility of adjustments that the standard chassis is able to offer. Aprilia RSV4 is in fact the only superbike that allows you to adjust the position of the engine in the frame, the inclination of the steering head, the adjustment of the swingarm pivot and the height of the rear axle, as well as of course the suspension in all its functions. . On the RSV4 Factory the trio of semi-active suspensions is confirmed, already at the top: they are the Smart EC 2.0 from Öhlins, whose control unit allows the calibration, simple and customizable, of the fork and shock absorber with two intervention modes: semi-active mode and manual mode, both easily selectable through the buttons on the handlebar and viewable through the OBTi interface (Objective Based Tuning Interface), visible on the color TFT instrumentation.

New Aprilia RSV4 motorbike superbike road track
New Aprilia RSV4 - The electronic suspension and the TFT in the background

The braking system of both RSV4s features a pair of calipers Brembo Stylema®, light and effective and equipped with pads with a very high performance coefficient of friction. The brake calipers can be combined with the pair of carbon air ducts (present between the accessories original Aprilia) that allow you to keep the operating temperature under control, ensuring the same exceptional braking performance even in the most extreme use.


Compared to the unit that equipped the RSV4 1100 Factory, the engine of the new Aprilia RSV4 benefits from a new bore to stroke ratio. The crankshaft is new, with an increased crank radius, just as the upper crankcase has also been adapted to the new stroke. The displacement therefore passes from the previous 1078 cc to the current 1099 cc, thus benefiting the pair available which goes from the previous 122 Nm at 11.000 rpm to the current value of 125 Nm at 10.500 rpm. In addition to the important peak value of the torque, it is important to note how the latter increases over the entire range of delivery, a very important result to make the RSV4 not only more effective in acceleration from low revs on the circuit, but also electrifying to drive. on the road. The power remains the same as the previous version: 217 hp at 13.000 rpm, already among the highest ever, despite the engine complying with the Euro 5 regulation and which, moreover, allows the RSV4 to exceed the threshold of 305 km / h actual top speed.


The new Aprilia active electronic control system, further evolved and implemented with respect to the one that fitted the previous models, has always been a point of reference for critics and the public for effectiveness and fine-tuning, makes its début on the RSV4 and RSV4 Factory. One of the novelties of the new APRC is AEB (Aprilia Engine Brake), the adjustable engine brake control, now independent of the selected engine map.

The new APRC, standard on Aprilia RSV4 and RSV4 Factory includes:

  • ATC: Aprilia Traction control, the traction control adjustable in stroke, without closing the throttle, on 8 levels, boasts more performing intervention logics.
  • AWC: Aprilia Wheelie Control, the wheelie control system, adjustable on 5 levels, has more precise operating strategies. The wheelie control is adjustable on the go without closing the gas, like the ATC, thanks to the practical block electric left.
  • AEM: Aprilia EngineMap, 3 different mappings available to change the character and way of delivering the engine power.
  • AEB: Aprilia Engine Brake, the engine brake control system adjustable on 3 levels, with a specific algorithm that optimizes the operation taking into account the lean angle.
  • ALC: Aprilia Launch Control, the interlocking system at the start for the exclusive use of the track, adjustable on 3 levels, benefits from very effective operating strategies.
  • AQS: Aprilia QuickShift, the electronic gearbox, with a new operating strategy, for very quick changes without closing the throttle and without using the clutch, also equipped with a downshift function, which allows you to downshift without pressing the clutch. It also allows you to downshift with open throttle.
  • Premier League: Aprilia Pit Limiter, the system that allows you to select and limit the maximum speed allowed to proceed along the pit lanes of the circuits, or simply to easily comply with the speed limits allowed on roads open to traffic.
  • ACC: Aprilia Cruise Control.
  • Three riding fashions for road use and three for track use. The rider is only required to choose the Riding Mode that best interprets his driving needs to automatically obtain the best set-up of traction control, wheelie control, engine brake, ABS and the other parameters managed.

Versions, colors and accessories

There are two versions: RSV4 constitutes an absolute level technical platform and today boasts the same performance as the Factory, thanks to the same 4 cc V1100 engine; it is available in the color Dark Losail, dominated by gray and black, capable of underlining its racing soul. RSV4 Factory boasts an even richer set-up consisting of forged aluminum rims and the Öhlins Smart EC 2.0 semi-active suspension system (instead of the RSV4 trio of multi-adjustable Sachs mechanical suspensions). It is available in two different graphics: Lava Red clearly dominated by colors that are part of Aprilia's sporting heritage. The combination of purple and red is a tribute to the RS 250 in the 1994 Reggiani Replica version, the last true sports bike of the two-stroke era, still beloved by motorcyclists and highly sought after by collectors. The second graphic Aprilia Black alternates glossy black with some hints of red, capable of enhancing the shapes of the aluminum frame.

Aprilia has studied and developed a large range of accessories for customizing the RSV4 and RSV4 Factory. Selected high quality objects, useful to make them more performing, more beautiful or more comfortable.