North Cape by motorbike - the most classic trip in Europe

Nordkapp 2018 Marco and Sofia's trip to the North Cape in their beautiful video.

Nordkapp, also known as the North Cape, is the best-known destination for motorcyclists from all over the world and one of the once-in-a-lifetime motorcycle trips.

Marco and Sofia have made their dream and that of a dear friend come true, covering about 10.000 km to reach the northernmost point of Europe, on their BMW F800 GS. Enjoy their video, I already know that then you will start planning the trip!

"A very important journey for us: the realization of the dream of a friend, who passed away too soon but who gave us the strength and motivation to overcome the kilometers, the bad weather, the obstacles and the problems we encountered along the way."

The trip was not planned, the decision was sudden but there was no doubt, we had to do it for him. In just over a week we have organized the itinerary and on July 30th we pass the gate of the house, heading north. The countries that await us for this long journey are there Switzerland with its green mountains, the Germany from the large wheat fields and Denmark with its marvelous wind turbines located in the most unthinkable places. We are finally there, with the Øresund bridge our walk in the Scandinavian countries begins. The ascent of Sweden is accompanied by its infinite straights, surrounded by pine forests interrupted by glimpses of lakes and sea. The days gradually get longer and longer, until darkness becomes a distant memory. After about three intense days of driving we reach Finland: in Rovaniemi we visit the much touristy house of Santa Claus and cross the mythical border of the Arctic Circle. After sharing experiences and valuable advice with other motorcyclists, we leave again aware that from that moment on it would have been easy to meet reindeer on the road. In fact, they did not take long to show themselves in all their beauty and pride. The short stay in Finland gives us a beautifully colored sunset that we enjoy from our first hytte (typical wooden lodgings) in Sodankyla. We only have 500 km to go to reach the long-awaited destination.

north cape marco sofia bmw gs motorcycle travel norway finlandWe decide to leave early, we enter the Norwegian tundra where the climate becomes more rigid, gusts of wind and water accompany us all day making driving challenging at times. It is around 20 pm when we manage to book a hytte for the night in Skarswag, rest assured that we have a warm place to sleep, we walk the last 10 km to reach Nordkapp. The entrance to the structure, not exactly cheap (about € 50), allows us to get to the famous globe where we enjoy a view that is nothing short of unique. These are intense moments for satisfaction and emotion. Tired and still a little incredulous of having made it, we allow ourselves a nice soup to warm up and a restful rest. The following morning we decide to return to enjoy for the last time that sense of freedom and happiness that that tip of Europe offers. Our descent through Norway begins, but also begins a week of incessant rain that does not let us fully enjoy the landscape and washes away the strength we have just gained. We visit the Lofoten islands under a downpour that leaves us no respite even while waiting for the ferry in Moskenes to Bodo where there was no minimum shelter. Reached the landing city in the middle of the night we find no place to sleep so we decide to take advantage of the Scandinavian possibility of camping freely with our tent. The uninterrupted rain tests our mood and our strength, after about 1800 km the sun finally begins to warm up our journey again.

north cape marco sofia bmw gs motorcycle travel norway finlandWe visit Trondheim and the first fjords enchant us with their beauty. We cross the Trollstigen (the valley of the trolls) a road that climbs the mountains between majestic waterfalls and a landscape worthy of a fantasy film. We visit Lærdal, a piece of Norwegian history, a UNESCO heritage site, an enchanted village made up of beautiful wooden houses dating back to the 24,51th century. We travel the XNUMX km of the Lærdal tunnel illuminated by blue lights with some roundabouts inside, a very suggestive but also unhealthy experience, the air was unbreathable and the skin, left in the open air for the raised visor, became black due to exhaust fumes. Unfortunately a breakdown of the motorcycle and the slowdown due to rain force us to give up some stages in order to respect the available days. We must therefore take the fastest way home but fortunately Norway does not spare us its breathtaking landscapes present throughout its perimeter. We embark in Larvik and say goodbye to Norway with the promise of a future return to fully enjoy all that we have not been able to see. We disembark in Denmark at Hjørring, take a quick trip to Fredericia. We enter Germany and enjoy the last evening of our trip to Ulm that we are lucky enough to visit during a village party with rivers of beer and pretzels.

After eighteen very intense days we arrive home, a little tried by some situations but above all grateful for the views and the unique emotions that this experience has given us and that we will always carry in our hearts. He taught us to roll up our sleeves and stay positive in order to face the difficulties encountered along the way. It was a journey that gave us the opportunity to get to know ourselves a little more, full of encounters with wonderful animals and fantastic people, always ready to help others. Not to forget the villages crossed for cleanliness, love and respect for nature and the civic sense of people. A journey that we will always remember with a smile and an upturned look.

By: Marco Nebbiolo and Sofia Messa - Photo credits: Marco Nebbiolo - Video by Moto Travel Adventure (Youtube)

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