Noli: by motorbike among the most evocative villages of Liguria

Traveling along the west coast by motorbike, Noli is a welcome stop between culture and seaside tourism in Liguria.

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Noli, one of the most beautiful villages of the Riviera di Ponente, with its natural attractions and monuments, is an obligatory stop on the itineraries in Liguria.

Today Noli is a renowned seaside resort on the Riviera di Ponente, but in the past it was the smallest of the Maritime Republics, representing one of the most important ports in the whole Mediterranean

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What see:

Noli offers different destinations of historical and cultural interest, in addition to the most touristic part represented by its beaches and the Cave of the Falsari: rock ravine overlooking the sea.

In the village, of typical medieval style, the Monte Ursino castleCo-cathedral of San Pietro, Tower of the Quattro Canti and Loggia of the Republic.

What to do:

For hikers we recommend the Pilgrim's Path, counted as one of the most beautiful and panoramic excursions in the Riviera di Ponente and connect Noli a Varigotti. The name of the path probably derives from the multitude of churches that are located along its path.

What to eat:

One of the typical products of Noli is the Cappon Magro, dish of ancient and very poor origin, but which is part of the Nola tradition.
Le salted anchovies they are a typical product for years considered the gold of Noli.

Where to sleep:

Noli offers several hotels and B & Bs, we recommend the central area as it is more characteristic.
It is also possible to stay in the Episcopal palace which has now been converted into a hotel.