Do you want MV Agusta? Hertz takes care of it!

MV Agusta announces the partnership with Hertz Ride. New fleet in Italy and France. 

MV Agusta Hertz Ride rental
Turismo Veloce 800 Luxury SCS

Renting an MV Agusta, maybe when you are on vacation or away for work? From today it can be done thanks to the agreement with Hertz Ride.

MV Agusta and Hertz Ride are pleased to announce a new partnership that will make the new models of the MV Agusta range available to thousands of motorcycle touring enthusiasts who use the Hertz Ride services every year for their next adventure.

Hertz Ride offers a large selection of motorcycle high-end, fully equipped, available in Portugal, Spain, France, Italy, Austria, Slovenia and the United States. With the ambition to make all motorcycle lovers live the experience of a lifetime, Hertz Ride has decided to expand its fleet with highly attractive models: this is why it has chosen MV Agusta as a partner for Europe. In Italy and France models are already available Turismo Veloce 800 Luxury SCS e Red Dragster. Portugal and Spain will follow in 2021 at the beginning of the summer and, shortly, the United States.

This combination could not be more appropriate, as MV Agusta and Hertz Ride share the same motorcycle ideals in their constant pursuit of innovation in order to offer the best experience and maximum fun on a motorcycle.

MV Agusta's mission is not limited to the design, development and production of the most advanced motorcycles in the world, but is also to create emotions. A vision that is also found in the DNA of Hertz Ride, which aspires to help its customers realize the tour of a lifetime, with intelligent routes, specifically designed to give unforgettable emotions, an escape from the daily routine with the most exciting bikes on the market.


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