Nolan - 50 years of Made in Italy helmets in an exciting video

Nolan celebrates 50 years of Made in Italy success by presenting the new N80-8 and the video of every single step of the production.

In 1972, in the province of Bergamo, the story of Nolan and helmets begins Made in Italy. Half a century of quality, safety and success summarized in the video made for the 50th Anniversary.

For the occasion, the Nolan Group presented a new model, the full-face mid-range N80-8 in polycarbonate, and 3 new graphics for theN100-5 Plus, the opening top of the range, theX-1005 Ultra Carbon, the X-Lite top-of-the-range flip-up, and theX-803RS Ultra Carbon, the best among helmets racing in fiber.

Content index

    1. Nolan's story
    2. N80-8 the integral of the 50th
    3. Production and Made in Italy
    4. The other Anniversary versions

On the occasion of the anniversary for 50 years of successes and millions of helmets products, we entered the Brembate di Sopra factories, to discover the secrets of Nolan and del new N80-8. The video we have made summarizes in a few minutes all the countless processes of the all-Italian production, from raw materials to the packaging of the finished product.

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Nolan N80-8

Nolan's story

In 1972, when the motorcycle they began to go faster and faster, Lander Nocchi, founder of the company, understood the need to protect us motorcyclists more and more. Thus the Brembate di Sopra plant was born from the polystyrene spheres and polycarbonate, where even today every single component of the Nolan, X-Lite and Grex helmets is produced and assembled.

NOLAN how to make a made in Italy full-face motorcycle helmet that can be opened
Nolan - Production details

It starts from the N01, the absolute number one, followed by an infinite series of patents, inventions, innovative helmets that have given birth to many innovations for the time and as many solutions still in use today. Nolan engineers were the pioneers of flip-up models, aerodynamic lines and racing helmets, whose successes and milestones achieved by their drivers are countless.

NOLAN how to make a made in Italy full-face motorcycle helmet that can be opened
NOLAN how to make a made in Italy full-face motorcycle helmet that can be opened

Among these it is necessary to include the N35, the first helmet with Microlock closure, the N100, the only one that can be opened with an elliptical rotation system, the N43 Air, the first modular with detachable chin guard and double P / J approval, up to the X- 903 by X-Lite with interior re-positioning system and magnetic clip visor.

N80-8 the celebratory integral

To celebrate half a century of history, Nolan creates nothing elitist, but shares its 50 years of success and progress with all bikers. Thus was born the N80-8, a full-face helmet in polycarbonate, in double shell size, retractable visor, perfect for everyday use and for travel and above all accessible to all. To make it even more special are the graphics, designed especially for the anniversary, elegant and sporty at the same time, with the beautiful 50th anniversary logo and gold profiles that stand out against the black.

nolan n80-8 full review review test test cheap
Nolan N80-8

All projects safety we take care of the cheek pads removal system in case of emergency, the visor with a wide field of vision and anti-fog treatment and Microlock2 closure. As for comfort, ventilation is entrusted to a channeling system designed and tested in the wind tunnel, accompanied by very comfortable interiors in breathable fabric (removable and washable) and mesh fabric, for maximum freshness on the hottest days.

nolan n80-8 full review review test test cheap
Nolan N80-8

Like all the helmets of the group, there is no lack of preparation for Nolan's Bluetooth / Intercom N-Com system, also made in the same factory.

Production and Made in Italy

Our tour of the factory was really exciting, because like 50 years ago, we were able to touch the value of the Made in Italy. We therefore started from raw materials, such as the polystyrene with which the inner shell of the helmet is created to move on to polycarbonate, which is used for the outer shells and visors. Through the painting and graphics departments we discovered how helmets are finished and how they become so beautiful when graphics and logos are applied by hand.

NOLAN how to make a made in Italy full-face motorcycle helmet that can be opened
Nolan - Research and Development

In the "tailoring" we have seen how the interiors of the helmets are cut and sewn, even by hand, with all Italian materials, which then pass to the assembly, where all the components produced in the factory are joined and checked one by one. Let's not forget the technical offices, where the models are designed and drawn, by hand and by computer and where all the components are tested, such as visors, straps, fasteners and full helmets, because safety is always first in long checks. production list.

Design and other Anniversary versions

Nolan N100-5 Plus - X-lite X-1005 Ultra Carbon - X-lite 803 RS Ultra Carbon

Nolan's designers have extended the beautiful anniversary graphics to other top-of-the-range models and sales records such as the famous flip-up N100-5 Plus, probably the best-selling flip-up in Italy and in the world, with an elliptical rotation system of the chin guard. Followed by X-lite composite fiber models such as theX-1005 Ultra Carbon, the top of the range flip-up for those looking for less weight and unparalleled comfort, and theX-803RS Ultra Carbon, for those on the track or on the street looking for performance equal to their racing bike.

The 50 years reached are obviously not a milestone for the Group and for Enzo Panacci, CEO, but only one of the many laps that the company has completed, accelerating at full throttle to make as many, for new records and new products always. more avant-garde and increasingly safer, always in the name of 100% Italian quality.

Happy Nolan anniversary again!