New Highway Code 2021: fines and news

The new Highway Code has been published with new rules on fines, smartphones, scooters, pink paper and driving without a helmet.

New highway code fines penalties driving license 2021
Ph. Canva

The new Highway Code was published today in the Official Gazette with new rules on fines, disabled parking, scooters, pink paper and driving without a helmet.

With the Law 9 November 2021, n. 156 of conversion of the “Infrastructure” decree-law, approved on Thursday 4 November in the Senate and published in the Official Gazette of 9 November 2021, n. 267, 40 articles of the Highway Code have been modified.

Content index

  1. Fine for driving with a smartphone
  2. Parking place for disabled people
  3. "Pink" car parks for pregnant women and new parents
  4. Pedestrian crossing
  5. Passenger without helmet
  6. Scooters
  7. Pink sheet
  8. License bonus
  9. Parking for electric cars
  10. Prohibition of sexist advertising
  11. Cameras on level crossings


Fine for driving with a smartphone

To the list of devices that cannot be used while driving have been added "smartphone, laptops, notebooks, tablets and similar devices that even temporarily lead to the removal of the hands from the wheel ". Any violation is accompanied by a fine.

Parking at the disabled place

Proper severity for those who park their vehicles in places reserved for the disabled: the penalties will range from 168 to 672 euros (previously from 84 to 335 euros) and the points deducted, from 2, will triple to 6. Parking on the blue lines becomes free for disabled people from January 2022.

"Pink" car parks for pregnant women and new parents

Established the "pink parking", intended for pregnant women and parents with children up to two years, upon showing the respective badge.

Pedestrian crossing

The reform has introduced new conduct obligations near pedestrian crossings: motorists will have to give priority not only to pedestrians who appear to have started crossing the lanes, but also to those who are about to do so.

Passenger on motorbike without helmet

The driver of a motorcycle you will be fined if your passenger does not wear a helmet, regardless of age, as until now the fine was only applicable to minors.


The helmet is still not compulsory, however the use of arrows and insurance will be mandatory for rental scooters, and they must circulate at no more than 20 km / h (no more than 25).

Pink sheet

The emergency legislation has been stabilized and has extended the validity of the pink sheet from 6 to 12 months. The driving license test B can be repeated three times. The administrative sanctions for those who practice in the absence of an instructor are expected to be tightened: from a minimum of 430 euros to a maximum of 1.731 euros, as well as the ancillary sanction of the administrative detention of the vehicle for 3 months.

License bonus

A contribution is foreseen for those who obtain a driving license: up to one thousand euros for young people under 35, for those who receive citizenship income or social safety nets. This contribution cannot exceed 50 percent of the total costs incurred for obtaining the driving license. The applicant will have the burden of proving that he wishes to operate in the road transport sector, through a driver's contract to be presented within three months.

Parking for electric cars

The car parks with charging columns can only be occupied for the period necessary to recharge the accumulator. After an hour, it is forbidden to stop any longer. The time slot between 23pm and 7am is excluded from the ban.

Prohibition of sexist advertising

The text provides for the prohibition of advertising with sexist or violent content, as well as "messages harmful to respect for individual freedoms, civil and political rights, religious beliefs or ethnic belonging or discriminatory with reference to sexual orientation, identity gender or physical and psychic abilities ". Infringement of the prohibition entails the revocation of the relevant authorization, as well as the removal of the sign.

Cameras on level crossings

Failure to comply with the ban on crossing the level crossing may be detected by means of special devices, dedicated to the assessment and automatic detection of violations, installed by the railway infrastructure manager.