Mytech - Made in Italy motorcycle suitcases

Mytech produces motorcycle cases for those who travel and for those who love adventure and are looking for uncompromising Italian quality and robustness.

This is how Mytech produces aluminum suitcases and cases in Italy, intended for all types of traveling motorcycles, from the most adventurous to those aiming at Italian quality and design.

We went to their factory, near the shores of Lake Como, to document and touch the work of the many young people who every day commit to producing exceptional motorcycle suitcases and cases.

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  1. The production of aluminum motorcycle cases
  2. Superleggera
  3. Model X
  4. Raid

Everything comes from the Meroni F.lli aluminum factory where the passion for motorcycle and for the adventure it has materially evolved in the production of suitcases, trunks and accessories in aluminum for most models intended for travel and more.

mytech staff
The Mytech team

How they are made

It starts with simple aluminum sheets that are folded and cut to take the desired shape and size. With laser cutting we proceed to the manufacture of the smallest components and all those parts which are then welded, even by hand and riveted to seal the containers and to provide them with locks and hinges. We then arrive at the final assembly, where the gaskets and all the other parts are installed to complete the suitcases and cases.

But the process does not end here and we move on to the fundamental tests such as those of resistance to rain (or rather showers), of the closure of the locks and of the hooking to the frames. Precisely the latter are the other cornerstone of the production because they too are designed ad hoc for Mytech motorbikes and suitcases.

To complete the production there are the aluminum accessories such as the protections for the most delicate parts of our motorcycles, such as the internal / external bags for the suitcases or the protection plates of the crankcases for those who venture on the most inaccessible terrain.

Sul Mytech website you can find all the configurations for the most popular motorcycle models, from the oldest to those just released on the market, from black or aluminum-colored cases, from those in carbon to those with colored profiles like the liveries of your motorcycles, the same thing for the trunks.


Mytech suitcases motorcycle cases travel adventure bmw ktm honda triumph harley pan america superleggera
Superleggera on Harley Davidson Pan America

Thanks to carbon, the new suitcases of the line Superleggera they weigh 44% less than traditional all-aluminum ones. Beyond the weight, the main advantage is linked to the strength of the fibers, as well as an aggressive and unmistakable look.

Perfect for a long trip around the world and to support the latest Ducati or Harley Davidson designs, in addition to suitcases, the trio can be completed with the dedicated top case with multiple sides opening for easier loading operations.

Model X

Mytech suitcases motorcycle cases travel adventure bmw ktm honda triumph BMW R 1250 GS model x
Model-X on BMW R1250 GS Adventure

For those who love 100% aluminum cases and do not want to give up a personalized look, the Model X they are the perfect compromise for traveling, exploring and satisfying the sight. They can be ordered both in black and in aluminum color with the corners in the desired color, such as red, blue or orange in order to please the owners of BMW, Honda or KTM for example.

Also for this line there are many accessories to make the journey more comfortable, such as the backrest for the passenger and the internal and external bags to be tied on the lids.


Mytech suitcases motorcycle cases travel adventure bmw ktm honda triumph ride
Ride on Triumph Tiger

For those who travel without frills and are ready for challenges in the deserts or on the most demanding roads in the world, the Raid they are the ones most devoted to naked and raw adventure, with many features for those who will use them intensively.

So all you have to do is load the bike and set off to explore the world, because "a journey of thousands of kilometers always begins with a single step ".