MV Agusta Superveloce 800 the new super racer

Super beautiful, super technological, super performing and super expensive!

MV Agusta Superfast 800
MV Agusta Superfast 800

MV Agusta returns to amaze and make everyone dream with an extreme bike, the Superveloce 800: in style, performance, technology.

Destined for innovative contents and iconic design to become a milestone in the history of the Italian company, the Superveloce 800 celebrates the glorious sporting history of the Varese brand in a contemporary key. Conceived as an original combination of references to the past and cutting-edge technology, the Superveloce 800 can legitimately be defined as extreme. Not only that: its formal connotation revolutionizes the very idea of motorcycle of classical inspiration.


MV Agusta Superfast 800
MV Agusta Superfast 800

The Superveloce 800 mounts superstructures made of particularly light and resistant thermoplastic materials, with thicknesses calibrated in order to reduce the overall weight. The painting is very accurate, obtained with the application of multiple layers of color and with the final drafting of a transparent coat. The front optical unit is made up of an original and effective bi-function full LED poly-ellipsoidal element. The LED position light is inserted in the instrument holder. The choice also fell on LEDs for the circular rear light unit, also designed specifically for the Superveloce 800.

The instrumentation derives from that of the Brutale 1000 Serie Oro, consisting of a compact 5 ”color TFT panel, in this case characterized by dedicated graphic solutions. Access to the menus is immediate thanks to the multi-function joystick on the left block and the special switches. The instrumentation manages a large number of functions, including incoming telephone calls, messages and music, all thanks to the Bluetooth connection to the smartphone. In mirroring it is possible to take advantage of the advanced navigation features offered by the MV Ride App.

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MV Agusta Superfast 800
MV Agusta Superfast 800

The three-cylinder in-line engine of the Superveloce 800 continues to represent the excellence among engines with this split thanks to its benchmark performance, incredible thermodynamic efficiency, low weight and overall compactness. Among the technical peculiarities, the use of the counter-rotating crankshaft stands out, a solution that has become more and more widespread over the years.

The double overhead camshaft controls the 12 titanium intake and exhaust valves. The characteristic bore and stroke measurements (79 × 54,3 mm) allow to reach 798 cc of cubic capacity, with power and torque values ​​equal to those of the F3 800:
148 hp (108 kW) at 13.000 rpm and 88 Nm (8,97 kgm) at 10.600 rpm. In configuration with split exhaust (optional) for use on the track, with two tailpipes on the right side and one on the left, the Superveloce 800 reaches 153 horsepower at 13.250 rpm. The configuration of the standard exhausts, on the other hand, envisages the three overlapping terminals on the right side, which make all three-cylinder MVs immediately recognizable.

For use on the Superveloce 800, the engine has been completely remapped, with the aim of enhancing its elasticity of delivery, ensuring the usual promptness of response to throttle control.

The equipment electronics follows the very complete package present on the F3 800: in addition to the four engine maps (Sport, Race, Rain), one of which is highly customizable (Custom), the Superveloce 800 offers the MV EAS 2.1 Up & Down electronic gearbox as standard; the Traction Control (system) with eight intervention levels can be deactivated.

How to fold

MV Agusta Superfast 800
MV Agusta Superfast 800

The riding position has obviously been revised to make it more comfortable and less restrictive than that of the F3 800, a bike intended for use on the track.

Extended adjustment possibilities for fork and shock absorber, of which it is possible to manage spring precarious, compression and hydraulic rebound. The fork is a Marzocchi unit with 43mm diameter stanchions, the shock absorber is Sachs. The rear suspension uses an optimized link, in common with the F3 and designed to ensure greater comfort in the first part of the wheel travel. The shock absorber is also specific, specially selected for the Superveloce 800.

Functionality and racing aesthetic impact characterize the Brembo braking system, which combines a pair of 4 mm 34-piston calipers with 320 mm diameter discs; the rear caliper has 2 pistons and intervenes on the braking surface of a 220 mm diameter disc. The ABS Bosch 9 Plus Race Mode is equipped with RLM (Rear wheel Lift-Up Mitigation), to avoid unwanted lifting of the rear wheel when braking.

The retail price is € 27.990


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