MT-07 – Yamaha

The new MT-07 is redesigned and cared for in many details. Always ready to give us satisfaction between fast corners or in the city.

Yamaha MT-07 price data sheet impressions test saddle speed test
Yamaha MT-07

Yamaha MT-07 – Price, impressions, data sheet.

The mid-engined naked is built well, is very versatile and costs the right amount, equipment that is worthy of the category.

Yamaha has renewed the engine of the MT-07: the brilliant 689 cm twin3 it has a new air intake duct, a revised injection system, a brand new 2-into-1 exhaust and a new ECU. Delivery is smoother and more linear. The front LED spotlight is also new and offers excellent visibility.


Before going up, let's enjoy all the changes made: the MT-07 mounts a new tank with side conveyors that have also been redesigned. The dashboard uses a negative LCD screen, with clear indications for clock, gear, odometer and tachometer. In the saddle we appreciate the new handlebar blocks that allow us to use the controls more easily and quickly. The riding position is almost sporty, with the torso slightly leaned forward and the legs bent on the rearset footpegs. It's not one motorcycle from two, even if the space on the passenger seat is more generous than on other bikes in the segment. The engine is free from vibrations and the quick and precise gearbox makes this bike the perfect companion for brushing the hairpin bends or for everyday use.

Price from Euro fc displacement
6.999 690 cc.


Category Naked
Patent A
Saddle height 805 mm
Dry weight 168 kg
Curb weight 182 kg
Tank 14 l
Power 73 hp - 54 kw - 9.000 rpm
Torque 7 kgm - 67 nm - 6.500 rpm
Cylinders 2
Marce 6
Suspensions front: telescopic fork rear: swingarm, (progressive linkage)
Brakes Double disc front - Post disk.
Wheel 17 ant. - 17 posts.
Tyres 120/70 ZR 17M/C(58W) (Tubeless) front – 180/55 ZR 17M/C(73W) (Tubeless) rear