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French Alpine Passes

Let's cross the border and have fun on the beautiful curves of the French Alpine Passes. A grand tour at high altitude, full of breathtaking views and hairpin bends.

Our cousins ​​from beyond the Alps are very keen on the maintenance of the roads, which makes it really pleasant to discover the Alpine passes famous for the climbs of the Tour de France and for the wars that over time have set fire to the peaks between Liguria, Piedmont and Savoy. In France you will discover many beautiful roads, military forts, dams, lakes and as many historic villages where you can taste and discover all the secrets of local cuisine.

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Colle dell'Iseran

Colle dell'Iseran, by motorbike on the highest pass in the Alps together with the Col de la Bonette, along the spectacular Route des Grandes Alpes.
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Colle del Monginevro: by motorbike in the Val di Susa

Itinerary in the Val di Susa to discover Colle del Monginevro, an ancient Italian-French pass. An easy road full of history
Col de la Bonette motorbike itinerary step by step

Col de la Bonette and Col de Restefond

The Col de la Bonette is the other highest Alpine Pass together with the Col de L'Iseran, spectacular to do by motorbike together with the Col de Restefond.
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11 Alpine passes in 48 hours

By motorbike in the Alps between France and Italy, to discover the most beautiful passes and roads between Savoy, Vars, Liguria and Piedmont.
Colle della Maddalena motorbike itinerary stura valley pass

Colle della Maddalena and the Stura Valley by motorbike

Colle della Maddalena is located on the border between Italy and France. Motorbike itinerary from the Stura di Demonte Valley to the Ubaye Valley.
Colle della Lombarda pass motorcycle bike route route road italy france piedmont

Colle della Lombarda by motorbike

The Colle della Lombarda is considered a challenging pass and itinerary, due to the hairpin bends, the slopes and the width of the road.
Passo Piccolo San Bernardo view of Mont Blanc - Shutterstock

By motorbike in Val D'Aosta from the Castles to the Spas to the Piccolo San Bernardo

Val D'Aosta, small and incredible, perfect for a weekend on a motorcycle among curves, mountains, spas and castles rich in history.
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