How do you train to ride a motorcycle?

8 exercises for a short workout perfect for motorcyclists, amateur and non, to ride better and safely.

A short training program (even at home) to be in shape when riding, have more control and ride safely.

Riding the bike is in all respects a physical activity and like any discipline you should be fit and train. The goal is obviously first and foremost to feel good, to feel better but a healthy workout also allows you to drive better and be much more in control of your vehicle.

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  1. Why train
  2. The workout
  3. Stretching and diet
  4. At home or in the gym

Thanks to the support of Henry Calandrina, towards GetFit for over 35 years, passionate motorcyclist and rider, we have developed a specific short training for those who go in motorcycle, for the simple ride out of town, for one holiday and even for those who go to the track, road or off-road.

Why train

Training is always synonymous with well-being. A trained and fit physique is capable of coping with many more things and actions throughout the day. From work, to children, to stress, today we are increasingly exposed to numerous factors that condition and tire our body and mind.

Training serves above all to have the strength and energy to face all the daily challenges. Sports activity also helps to let off steam e helps to improve mood. To all this we add our favorite activity: riding bikes. This discipline also requires its dose of energy and concentration, especially when you cover many kilometers.

A trained physique helps to have greater control of the bike, to prevent pain and physical problems such as inflammation, neck pain, lumbago, cramps and many other annoyances that then negatively affect mood, work and the pleasure of riding a motorcycle. Let's not forget the safety, often underestimated, because when you are tired and poorly trained, they suffer reflexes, concentration and every single gesture we make on the bike.

The workout

Il training program of the video, specifically designed by the GetFIT Sport Manager, Alessandro Biagioni, provides 8 exercises which are used to train the parts of the body responsible for controlling the bike and those most stressed.

The exercises chosen are designed to strengthen the upper and lower torso muscles. A routine which requires minimal effort about 20 minutes but that you can intensify at will, as your body tones up more and more.

from arms, shoulders, to abdominal and legs, his advice is to perform all 8 exercises, with a minimum commitment of 2 (preferably 3) times a week.

Stretching and diet

Stretching is great, but Alessandro's advice is to do it later, the next day for example, in order to maximize the beneficial effect muscle lengthening.

Other than that, we also recommend one healthy and balanced diet and above all not to overdo it with heavy food and meals when going out on a motorcycle (also avoiding alcohol if possible). The worst moment of a motorcycle ride is in fact after meals, when you get back on the saddle with a full stomach, a heavy body and a drowsy head.

At home or in the gym

The training proposed in the video is feasible at home even without tools, but if you go to the gym you can be assisted by a personal trainer, let you make a tailor-made program or participate in the many courses, such as the TRX for example, which train all the parts of the body in question.

Alessandro Biagioni - GetFit Sport Manager

Kinesiologist, Personal Trainer and Athletic Trainer for over 10 years. Graduated in Exercise and Sports Sciences, at the University of Perugia.
Specialized in training techniques for competitive sports, injury prevention and post-injury rehabilitation programs.

Henry Calandrina

In the GetFit Management for over 35 years, passionate motorcyclist and rider, over the years he has contributed to the success of the gyms in Milan and its province, a reference point for Milanese sportsmen and motorcyclists.