The castles of the Marches by motorbike

Motorbike tour among the castles of Jesi and visits to the birthplace of Verdicchio wine and Lacrima del Morro d'Alba. Help and information.

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Motorbike itinerary in the Marche hinterland, between Jesi and Senigallia, between medieval castles and food and wine stops.

Just over 200 kilometers to drive in the countryside where Verdicchio wine and Lacrima di Morro are born, between white roads and hills visiting the suggestive castles.

Le Marche seen from a non-seaside perspective but certainly interesting for us motorcyclists, a route suitable for all motorcycle and bike.

Index of contents and milestones

  1. Senigallia
  2. arcevia
  3. Serra San Quirico
  4. Serra de Conti
  5. Morro d'Alba
  6. Jesi
  7. Data Room


Let's start with Senigallia, a tourist resort overlooking the sea Adriatic, after visiting the fortress Roveresca today seat of temporary exhibitions, the food forum and the eighteenth-century Herculaneum Portici. We go up the coast to the north via the SS16 up to Marotta, certified Blue Flag where we stop for a swim in its clear waters. We then go up from the provincial roads 424 and 17 up to Mondolfo, a hilltop village which had a defensive role as early as the year one thousand from the "visits" of the Turks. We park the motorbikes to fully enjoy the village, with its characteristic double walls and the church of S. Agostino. We take the motorbikes back to take the SP424 destination Pergola, where we stop to visit the museum which houses the famous Roman equestrian group called the Golden Bronzes of Cartoceto di Pergola. A passage as panoramic as it is demanding awaits us, which takes us to Arcevia.

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Today a holiday resort, it was once an impregnable bulwark given its construction on a rocky outcrop. We walk through its medieval streets until we come to the Collegiate Church of S. Medardo, which is worth a visit given the precious paintings and artefacts inside.

Serra San Quirico

We leave Arcevia to enter the area of ​​the castles of Jesi, via the SP14. At the gates of the Gola della Rossa and Frasassi regional natural park we find the locality of Greenhouse San Quirico, where we can walk in the “Blankets” covered alleys above the city walls and visit the Mother Church of San Quirico, which houses a plug belonging to the cross of Christ. We get back on the saddle and, after the hamlet of Sant'Elia, we deviate towards Castellaro and then via the SP9 we head to Cupramontana. Here we visit the famous square which in July hosts the night of Verdicchio, an event that combines the promotion of the main production of the Cuprensi hills with culture. From here, various opportunities open up itineraries alternatives, to visit the countless castles in the area.

Serra San Quirico brands motorbike itinerary bike route travel information guide
Serra San Quirico

Serra de Conti

We leave the Vallesina and head towards the sea passing through Serra de Conti, and we stop to visit its castle from the bow of the ship and the monastery of S. Maria Maddalena, seat of the museum of monastic arts. We then go down towards Osteria and its perfectly restored Hoffmann furnace, and then we stop at Barbara. Born as an outpost created by the barbarians from which it takes its name, the town is developed on two hills that house the toll booth and the village with its fifteenth-century walls. We then take the SP43 and in Ostra Vetere we go down to Pongelli with the SP17 where we stop to visit the excavations of the Roman city of Ostra Antica.

Morro d'Alba

We visit two other castles of Jesi, Belvedere Ostrense and San Marcello in order, driving along a truly enjoyable stretch of road for us motorcyclists and we allow ourselves a detour towards the village of Morro d'Alba, home of the well-known red Doc, the Tear of Morro. of Alba. We continue on the SP18, a very enjoyable stretch up to Jesi.

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Birthplace of Frederick II of Swabia, it stands on a hillock by the Esino river, it preserves the historic center within its fourteenth-century walls, with forts and towers at the top. To visit the museum-gallery of Palazzo Pianeti where we can admire the works of Lorenzo Lotto. Finally we take the SP76 to finish ours itinerario direction Senigallia and its velvet beach, not before having visited the last castle a Rocca Priora.

Data Room

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