Motor Bike Expo 2019 - discount or fair?

Motor Bike Expo 2019 Verona: a unique disappointment

MBE verona motor bike expo 2019

Verona, Motor Bike Expo 2019: the beginning of the end?

The 2019 edition has honestly left us quite disappointed. First, a net was tangible decline in quality exhibitors: we are talking about many producers in the sector who this year have decided not to invest more in a fair that now looks more like a village market (no offense for the latter).

We spoke with many visitors and with many of the exhibitors present, who confirmed our impression: i Costi are high, the services also (the wi-fi for those who exhibit 4 days has an unthinkable price) and by now the standard of the fair has dropped to such an extent that it is no longer an investment but only a waste of money and energy. It must be admitted that EICMA now beats everyone hands down, after all, although extremely expensive, the Milanese fair offers two days for operators and the press, as well as many more services and visibility.

In fact, speaking of communication, I personally found it ridiculous and anachronistic, to receive media accreditation for just one day. The pass for the other days is reserved for registered journalists. So those who exhibit are also denied the visibility they would have with bloggers, youtubers and many other colleagues who work very and very well, without being registered with the order. Too bad that whoever pays to exhibit also pays for communication services.

As for the exhibition, we have fortunately also seen many motorcycle beautiful, prepared as a work of art, many accessories without the crowds of Milan, the miraculous shows in fair weather on Saturdays and Sundays. Many beautiful things for our eyes but a drop in the trainers themselves, their custom and café racers: they will certainly have opted for better investments. The most well-known brands, apart from the Japanese houses (with cars, snowmobiles and lawn mowers), have chosen to create small “representative” stands, at least to show the latest news not present in Milan (very few). The tourism sector is doing well, travel and off-road. Perhaps we should first say who was there compared to those who forfeited.

On the other hand, the "peddlers”And the temporary stores, which are now the masters of the fair with their thousands of offers and the visitors who go there to find the bargain, the cinesata, the Pakistani leather jacket or the rest of 2003.

The press release in which the organizers declare an increase in inflows may also be true, but if this is the trend, spending 18 euros to go around the stalls is an avoidable expense in my opinion. Either they lower their prices or do something to revive a fair that was considered technical and superior to EICMA in terms of content quality.

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