Where to see MotoGp races on TV or streaming

Where to see the races of the 2021 MotoGP, known as MotoGP, on TV or on the web, for a fee or for free.

MotoGp of Qatar - Francesco Bagnaia - Ph. Ducati
MotoGp of Qatar - Francesco Bagnaia in front of Zarco - Ph. Ducati

The World Championship or MotoGp 2021 is broadcast on TV and via the web on numerous platforms, we see the most common and accessible, even for free.

Not to lose either a 2021 MotoGP race there are several options, more or less expensive, some even free of course. Here are the main ones

Content index:

  1. Sky and Now TV
  2. Dazn and MotoGP.com
  3. TV8 and other free streams

SKY and NowTV

The wait is over and also this year Guido Meda, Mauro Sanchini, Vera Spadini, Alessandro Boselli and Sandro Donato Grosso will snap us standing on the sofa at every single Grand Prix. The vision on SKY is undoubtedly the most complete for all the insights and for the interactive vision on the various dedicated channels. Always fun On Board channel to experience the races from the rider's point of view and the FlyView cam that allows you to follow the entire race from above.

In addition to SKY you can also watch the races through NOW TV, which offers streaming the same channels as Sky but not the interactive ones: just buy a Sport pass, even for a single event or for a single month.

Dazn and MotoGp.com

The first is the platform entirely dedicated to sport, including MotoGP. Here the races will be commented by Niccolò Pavesi and Marco Melandri, while Motorcycle 2 and Moto3 will be told by Matteo Pittaccio and Robert Rolfo.

The second, MotoGP.com is the official website of the World Championship, where you can purchase a season ticket to access all the video and photo content and obviously also the live broadcasts, again via the web.

TV8 and other channels for free

At number 108 or 508 of digital terrestrial, you will be able to see some races that the TV8 broadcaster will decide to purchase and broadcast on a delayed basis, but at the moment it is not yet known what the dedicated schedule will be.

The last resort to see the races is to search the internet for other sources of free streaming. Searching is not easy and some sites illegally broadcast live TV rights, so be careful what you click.