Motoairbag: everything you need to know about the airbag

Motoairbag V3: the video of everything you need to know about the best-selling motorcycle airbag.

Motoairbag V3 is the latest model presented by the most famous Italian manufacturer of motorcycle airbags: here is our video review.

After 3 months of intense use we can finally reveal all the details of the Motoairbag V3, the safety device with integral back and chest airbag produced in Italy.

In addition to testing it, be around in motorcycle that physically with a static opening test, we also made a factory leap from Fabio Colombo, creator of the Motoairbag and CEO of the company, which was also recently awarded and selected by Esselunga with the insertion of the MAB vZERO in the catalog Fidaty.

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Let's go into the details of the product and see how it is made and how it works and why it is worth “evolving” to the use of the airbag.

As did

Il vest V3 is a system with 2 airbag (one back it's one front) and a single activation device. In addition to the abrasion-proof, puncture and reflective materials, the V3 has two inflation pockets (rear of 15 liters and front of 10) that protect the rider along the entire vertebral column (from the head to the sacrum) and the Chest, with a total inflation time of 80 milliseconds.

Motoairbag V3 motorcycle airbag test video review test impressions
Motoairbag V3 worn

The external cordura is very robust and the reflective materials are noticeable at a considerable distance during the day and at night. On the front there is also a small pocket for keys or telepass. Inside you will find the "fastening" belt to the body, which serves precisely to anchor the vest well in case of opening so that it always remains in the correct position to protect you.

The vest is available in colors black, yellow o gray and has a public list price of Euro 599,00.

How it works

Il fastlock it is a mechanical system that regulates the movement of the cord that binds to the bike and that leaves total freedom of movement, starting only when needed. Like seat belts, the “elastic” system locks in place with superior traction a 15 kilograms: when this happens, the "safety" on the activation system is released (a bit like the fuse of a grenade) and at this point the 2 high pressure air cartridges are activated which instantly inflate the airbag.

Motoairbag V3 motorcycle airbag test video review test impressions
Motoairbag V3 specifications

After activation, the system begins to deflate very slowly to offer further protection after the impact, and then empty completely and be "re-activated", also by the pilot, if the vest has not suffered any damage that would affect the 'activation. So, if it's a trivial fall you can fix it and start again. A recovery kit from the cost of 50 Euros, with everything you need: spare parts, fitting instructions e check list safety. In the event of major damage, it is advisable to contact your dealer or company to evaluate any repairs or replacements.

In movement

Our factory test was obviously static, in that BMW they didn't allow us to lie down in their R18 and my wife didn't want me to ruin the jeans she had for Christmas.

Motoairbag V3 motorcycle airbag test video review test impressions
Motoairbag V3 in motion

So, as you saw in the video, we took a weight of around 16 kilos and dropped it on one ankle to simulate activation. Everything as per the textbook, the system swelled, the ankle as well, and we ended up with a very hard balloon around the body, stuff to be literally barred without feeling anything (also excellent when you come home late after the Sunday tour , while his wife wanted to go to ikea).

And on a motorcycle? Nothing changes, except that you will soon get used to wearing an extra layer, which weighs a little the first few times (almost 2 kilos may seem like a lot) but after a while you forget you are wearing it. Obviously it is all subjective, but I have always been impatient with "too many things" and in this case I had to change my mind. Once you get the hang of the carabiner attachment fastlock, both uphill and downhill from the bike, the weight is almost no longer felt while riding. You just have to reorganize what to keep on hand as the vest covers your vest and its pockets.

Among other things, I got off twice in a row without unhooking it and it didn't open, also because while you get off the bike it is already on the stand and you get stuck with the leg on the cord, so you realize it immediately.


After having been skeptical for a long time, we can therefore say that the weight or the methods of use are not sufficient excuses not to evaluate the purchase. By the way, the technique of leaving it on the jacket while putting it on and taking it off works great. For this reason we have decided to take one too, as a faithful travel companion, for all our activities on the road.

As Fabio Colombo said "it is not a life-saving system but it offers an extra chance”And as you all know, on a motorbike, it can really make a lot of difference.