By motorbike near Milan: from Pavia to Varzi

A classic motorcycle tour near Milan, from Pavia to Varzi up to the Penice Pass.

motorcycle near milan pavia Casteggio varzi Montalto bobbio caberg triumph
Between Casteggio and Montalto

A beautiful motorcycle itinerary near Milan: from Pavia, famous for the Certosa, to the hills of the Oltrepò Pavese up to Varzi.

The test of Benelli TRK502X, version 2021, is the perfect excuse for a stroll among hills, vineyards and taverns. Our itinerary actually starts from Milan, but you can discover it from every corner.

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  1. Pavia: what to see
  2. casteggio
  3. Montalto Pavese
  4. Varzi
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motorcycle near milan pavia Casteggio varzi Montalto bobbio caberg benelli
The streets of Oltrepò

Pavia: what to see

Ancient city, rich in history, artistic beauties and many places where you can taste the delicacies of the territory, starting with risottos. The city is easy to get around, on foot or in motorcycle, leaving it out of the pedestrian areas, and it is also pleasant to just wander around the city.

The main attractions not to be missed are: the Covered Bridge, which crosses the Ticino, rebuilt in 1949 re-proposing the forms of the ancient covered bridge of the fourteenth century; there basilica of San Michele Maggiore, a masterpiece of Lombard Romanesque style, is one of the main churches of Pavia, dating back to the seventh century, it was rebuilt in the eleventh and twelfth centuries; there basilica of San Pietro in Ciel d'Oro, built in Lombard style and later rebuilt in Romanesque style between the XNUMXth and XNUMXth centuries; there Certosa di Pavia, a historical monumental complex that includes a monastery and a sanctuary. It is located about eight kilometers north of the provincial capital. Built at the end of the fourteenth century at the behest of Gian Galeazzo Visconti and completed by the end of the fifteenth century in about 1400 years.

motorbike near milan pavia Casteggio covered bridge
Skyline of Pavia - Ph. Canva

Many other things to see and do in the city, such as dishes to taste such as: the rice in all sauces, but also gnocchi e soups hot, the reasoned, local interpretation of the cassoeula, i milk them (meatballs) andossobuco with peas.


From Pavia we continue south, without too many curves, to the small but pretty town of Casteggio. At the gates of the Oltrepò, in addition to numerous churches and palaces and the small and welcoming center, here you can find the Fountain of Hannibal: the story tells that before crossing the walls of the ancient Clastidium, Hannibal had the elephants water a fountain, still existing, in an area that is currently the outskirts of today's Casteggio.

There are many vineyards in the area and consequently the wines to taste together with cold cuts (such as cotechino pavese) and cheeses from the area. From Casteggio we leave again in the direction of Montalto Pavese.

Montalto Pavese

The road begins to be fun and fascinating, with panoramic views among the vineyards and many curves that invite you to bend a little more than usual. In the small village at 350 meters above sea level we find the castle of the same name, actually an imposing mansion, with a stone and brick construction dating back to 1593, built by the will of Filippo Belcredi.

motorbike near milan pavia Casteggio varzi Montalto bobbio
Montalto Pavese Castle - Ph. Canva


Leaving the village of Montalto behind us, the curves take us further south, towards Varzi, famous for its cured meats. Walking through the historic center is like a journey through time. Its paths are beautiful as via della Majolica, which borders the base of the defense wall. Don't miss the Tower of Porta Sottana and Tower of Porta Soprana, Rossi's Church, and the Church of the Whites, Tamburelli Palace and the interesting and curious Malaspina Palace and Tower (of the Witches).

Other itineraries

And if you want to have even more fun, you can go to Varzi on the Pass of the Penice, Up to Bobbio or discover the beauties of Val Tidone.

motorcycle near milan pavia Casteggio varzi Montalto bobbio caberg triumph
Caberg Horus helmet

Services on the road

Data Room

Motorcycle and equipment

The brand new one will accompany us on this beautiful tour Benelli TRK502X, Euro5 version of the best-selling motorcycle ofItaly. Excellent delivery at all laps and maneuverabilitydespite a cruiser weight. The tourer of Pesaro confirms a true traveler accessible to all, both for the quality components and for the respectable performance, such as consumption, as well as for the incomparable price of Euro 5.990 fc

Benelli TRK 502 X 2021 economic maxi enduro tourer
Benelli TRK 502 X 2021

Also the safety he wants his part and the Caberg Horus helmet, the flip-up helmet of the Bergamo-based company, has confirmed its character as a perfect helmet for everything, from everyday use to longer trips, with unparalleled visibility.