10 accessories to travel by motorbike and leave peacefully

10 accessories for the peace of mind of those who travel by motorbike or use it every day: to communicate, recharge, repair punctures, protect themselves from rain and transport everything.

Motorcycle tours - 10 accessories to leave with peace of mind
Motorcycle tours - 10 accessories to leave with peace of mind

10 travel accessories and gadgets, for those who use the bike every day or decide to travel the world.

Summer is coming and the tours and trips are approaching motorcycle, more or less adventurous, short or very long and we motorcyclists always lack something. For this reason we offer you a gallery of the 10 accessories more or less indispensable for those who enjoy the bike all year round or only in summer, chosen according to the most common needs.

Midland Enerjump mini - Always restart!

Midland Enerjump Mini
Midland Enerjump Mini

It's called MINI, it costs less than 100 euros and combines the features offered by a 12 V Jump Starter and a Power Bank. In practice, this compact and powerful device provides a peak current sufficient to restart vehicles equipped with a 12 Volt battery, by connecting the cables / clamps supplied directly to the latter without fear of reversing the polarity or creating a short circuit thanks to the presence of the “Smart Jump Start System”, which automatically detects the battery charge and protects the system. Through its USB socket ENERJUMP MINI powers / recharges smartphone or tablet several times or if you want GPS, action cams, drones ... as well as a powerful LED flashlight (100 L) and a device charge indicator with 4 signaling levels.
ENERJUMP MINI is recharged in turn via the classic 220V socket or 12Volt cigarette lighter socket and maintains the charge for several months. Retail price € 99,00.

Midland XT70 - Communicate everywhere

Midland XT70 Adventure
Midland XT70 Adventure

In some places the network signal and the allowed bike-to-bike distance from the intercom they are not enough. This is where the XT70 Adventure comes into play, a pair of walkie talkies that fit in a pocket weighing 130 grams and guaranteeing 18 hours of autonomy and a range of 12 km with any companion / guide. We are talking about a professional DUAL BAND radio that works on 69 LPD channels (low power Device with FM emission for short range communication on fixed frequencies) and 24 PMR446 channels (Personal Mobile Radio on UHF range band). A mix that allows the safety to communicate on different bands and frequencies in full freedom. The kit consists of a hard case that contains the various accessories, including two earphones, this pair of walkie talkies immediately stands out for the contrast between black and fluorescent yellow of its ABS body. The retail price is 130,00 Euros.

Midland ER 300 - Radio Torch and Powerbank

ER300 MIDLAND emergency set
ER300 the solar panel

THEER300 di MIDLAND adds to the powerful function power bank, capable of recharging portable devices, some technical features that make it a real emergency device: a ultrasound recall for dogs; the very bright led flashlight, which also acts as a SOS with activatable Morse code; 3 different battery charging modes, one receiver AM / FM, which turns the ER300 into a radio light and compact, transportable thanks to a practical handle. There lithium battery internal, guarantees use up to 25 hours, under standard conditions of use.
The ER300 displays information (activated functions, clock, charge level, etc.) through a clearly visible LCD display. The ER300 can recharge its internal battery in three different ways: via the USB cable supplied, manually, using the dynamo with crank control located on the back of the product, drawing the energy directly from the solar energy panel mounted to the top of the chassis. Price to the public 70,00 Euro.

SW-Motech Legend Gear tank bag LT1 - Black Edition

SW-Motech Legend Gear LT1 Tank bag
SW-Motech Legend Gear LT1 Tank bag

Strong magnets give the LT1 tank bag a firm hold even on rough terrain. The well-designed base plate design allows you to remove it from the tank without much effort.

The Legend Gear tank bag is particularly suitable for classic motorcycles such as Scrambler and Café Racer. SW MOTECH realizes the tank bag in napalon synthetic leather and waxed canvas with a waterproof internal padding. The waterproof rain cover with viewing window offers additional protection from the elements. Thanks to the sturdy handle, the tank bag can be carried comfortably.

"Padlockable" helmet bag

Oxford Lidlocker Helmet Bag
Oxford Lidlocker Helmet Bag

The perfect solution for those who don't have a top box and don't want to ride with a helmet in hand. It is an ad hoc and waterproof helmet bag, equipped with a tube (also waterproof) that can accommodate a chain or a through armored cable (to be purchased separately) which, inside the bag, passes through the helmet from the visor compartment and then closes on the wheel or on a safety point using the classic padlock.

Oxford Lidlocker Helmet Bag
Oxford Lidlocker Helmet Bag

A practical velcro strap allows you to "lift" the bag from the ground. In this way, adequate protection is obtained for the helmet, and frees you from the hindrance of carrying it with you whenever you leave the motorcycle parked. Upon return, the helmet will be dry and clean, even after heavy rain. It is distributed by Bergamaschi and costs 28,40 Euros.

Oxford Stormseal Over Suit - Always dry

Oxford Stormseal Suit

The new STORMSEAL OVER SUIT è one piece really easy e fast to wear, too with stivali worn thanks to its extra long zip that reaches the thigh. From a purely technical point of view, we would like to point out the presence of taped seams, of a lining full mesh, the adjustments on arm, wrist and ankle, the microfleece collar and the details fluo for greater visibility in traffic, in the rain. Like all Oxford garments Rain Wear, also this new suit proposes smart sizes (from S to 6XL). No need to do calculations: just choose the usual size as it is already designed to “contain inside” the tec clothingnico worn. The retail price is 146,00 euros. Distributed by Bergamaschi.

Oxford Solariser - The motorcycle solar panel

Oxford Solarizer Solar Panel Battery Charger
Oxford Solariser Solar Panel Battery Charger

Are you traveling and afraid that the battery will leave you on your feet? Here is the ingenious idea of ​​Oxford, to be used when needed or even installed on the rear case. The solar charger does not need direct sunlight as the charger also works in daylight alone.

Oxford Solariser Solar Panel Battery Charger
Oxford Solariser

Perfect for where there is no power source
Ideal for vehicles left outside or even inside, fixing the panel on the garage door or other sunny place. The LED light indicates that the battery charges with the available light. It works in extreme temperatures from -20 ° C to 100 ° C and comes with weatherproof connectors. Retail price: 54,90 euros. Distributed by Bergamaschi.

Fulcron Universal Disinfectant

Fulcron Universal Disinfectant
Fulcron Universal Disinfectant

The new “Fulcron Universal Disinfectant”, a product specifically designed to sanitize surfaces in the workplace and complies with the Safety Protocols recommended by the National Institute of Health for the neutralization of viruses from surfaces. Specifically, it is a multi-use and multi-surface detergent, based on ethanol in very high concentration.

Technical Information
+ 75% alcohol-based formula, which allows you to remove germs and bacteria from surfaces with mechanical action.

It is universal, it can be used on all surfaces by sanitizing and cleaning them.
Leaves a pleasant lemon scent. Retail price € 5,90 (500 ml pack). Distributed by Bergamaschi.

GIVI S301 First Aid Kit for emergencies

GIVI S301 First Aid Kit
GIVI S301 First Aid Kit

First aid kit contained in a practical case that takes up little space, easily identifiable in the suitcase or under-saddle thanks to the red color that distinguishes it. Inside there is everything you need to correctly perform a first dressing. Compliant with DIN13167 (the road code of some countries requires it to be on board) this kit is useful in all those occasions when you move on the road, therefore also by car and bicycle, and should not be missing in the backpack of those who practice sports and outdoor activities. Retail price: € 16,50.

GIVI S450 Tubeless Repair Kit - Repair and start again

GIVI S450 Tubeless Repair Kit
GIVI S450 Tubeless Repair Kit

When traveling on uneven ground or on Strade Bianche, the puncture of a tire must be estimated. In the unfortunate event that this happens, the S450 kit allows you to repair the tire in a few minutes and reach a tire dealer for a check-up.
Inside the practical case you will find everything you need to close the hole and to swell the rubber. The accompanying instructions will help you to carry out the operations correctly… and if you are in an area where there is no lack of network coverage, you can view the video tutorial via your smartphone and the QR code on the same sheet. When you get home, just remember to buy a set of CO2 cans (S450KIT), in order to restore your anti-puncture kit.

• N ° 3 Co2 cans
• N ° 1 Fitting with valve
• N ° 1 Flexible hose
• N ° 1 Cutter
• N ° 5 Sealing strips
• N ° 2 specific tools
• N ° 1 tube of glue

Retail price: € 38,00 (the set of three spare cans costs € 10).