Val Sassina Val Taleggio and San Marco Pass

Short motorbike itinerary on the most beautiful roads in Lombardy, between the Bergamo valleys, the Valtellina and Lake Como.

Lake Como Lecco by motorbike

Short motorbike itinerary on the most beautiful roads in Lombardy, between the Bergamo valleys, the Valtellina and Lake Como.

Autumn is approaching with its warm and fatty flavors and in Morbegno there is the local cheese fair, Bitto. If you are not on a diet it is an appointment not to be missed!

I organize myself with some guys from the Facebook group “Viaggi in Moto”, but in Morbegno in motorcycle passing by the provincial is banal and boring. I therefore propose an alternative tour: Valassin, Val Sassina, Summit St. Peter, Val Taleggio, San Marco pass, Morbegno. Of course it is not a novelty among those who have been on a motorcycle for a lifetime, but it is a panoramic, fun solution that never gets boring.

lecco val sassina san pietro by motorbikeSo let's start on three bikes and one scooter at a time of about 200 km between landscapes and glimpses that change at every bend, like so many sets in a theater. The climax St. Peter it is not really easy, the road is also objectively badly reduced: holes, hollows, there are no side protections and the hairpin bends (albeit few) are really tight. But the panorama that awaits you is absolutely worth it.

Going down is much better, almost without realizing it Val Taleggio embraces you between its mountains and the river. The road is gentle, the curves smooth and you drive relaxed: a real pleasure.

valtellina in motion san marco pass val taleggioIt then points towards the San Marco pass, going up from the Bergamo side, all hairpin bends but not at all challenging. Having reached the top of the pass I understand well why I have chosen to traveling by motorbike. You are one with the street and the surrounding world, you become an integral part of that stretch of the world with all the senses.

Going down towards Morbegno, the first part is narrow with blind curves and the road becomes more demanding, nothing in particular, but attention must never fail as always when you are in the saddle. I recommend going slowly because there are postcard views that cannot be missed, between houses, woods and the sides of the mountains.

Once at their destination, a Morbegno, we are welcomed by a riot of scents, colors and music, with excellent food, lots of Bitto obviously accompanied by the same wine to be tasted in the tours around the cellars.

Tibetan Bridge of Tremone Valtellina MorbegnoAfter having lunch in a good restaurant with typical dishes, the company took different paths. And this also makes sense in my opinion: always being in a group is not always the best choice. Since everyone knew how to go home, I went as far as Tibetan bridge of Tremone, really impressive!

A great ride in good company. You just have to try it or go back if you already know it and maybe combine it with the Bitto Fair in Morbegno, even if the smell you take home isn't exactly Chanel number 5 ...

Giovanni Oriani (Photo Credits Giovanni Oriani)

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