Motorbike itineraries in Umbria - Todi and Corbara Lake

From Lake Corbara to Todi, a motorbike itinerary not to be missed to discover the wonders of Umbria, from medieval villages to natural landscapes.

Corbara lake dam. Umbria motorcycle itinerary todi roads
Dam of the Corbara lake - Alberto Gagliardi

Motorbike itinerary in Umbria to discover the beautiful Todi, along the banks of the Tiber up to those of the beautiful Corbara Lake.

Todi, pearl ofUmbria, elegant and rich in history is the starting point of our short tour to the Corbara lake. And if you want to go further, you can also reach the Lake Bolsena.

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Umbria is known all over the world for its variety of landscapes, its numerous villages medieval, cuisine and good wine: a real pleasure to discover all its streets in motorcycle, along this beautiful itinerario, curve after curve.

Corbara Lake

Following the Tiber towards the southwest, along the suggestive SS448 you reach the Corbara Lake. Of artificial origin, formed with the construction in the XNUMXs of the hydroelectric basin of the same name on the River Tiber, the lake takes its name from the hamlet of Corbara, a locality in the municipality of Orvieto. It is part, together with the surrounding territories, of the Tiber River Park, a protected natural area of ​​Umbria. Characterized by jagged banks that stretch into a deep and narrow gorge that almost reaches Todi (Forello gorge), it is bordered on the left bank by the state road 448. Near the lake there are "Vissani", one of the temples of the Italian gastronomy and some of the most renowned and prestigious wineries in Umbria, united in the Consortium for the protection of Lake Corbara DOC.

Todi motorcycle itinerary umbria perugia roads
Todi - Ph. Of Ladiras


Note how "The most liveable city in the world" (even if the Tuderti prefer to call it "Ideal city"!), Todi is a medieval town of unique beauty and elegance, which rises on top of a hill overlooking the enchanting Tiber valley. Located a few kilometers from Perugia and Orvieto, the town is circumscribed between three circles of walls (Etruscan, Roman and medieval) which contain countless treasures. Here you can admire the complex of Town Hall, born from the union of People's Palace which houses the Lapidary Museum, the Civic Art Gallery and the Roman Etruscan Museum, the thirteenth century Captain's Palace and Palazzo dei Priori, perhaps the most beautiful of the three and which was finished in the fourteenth century. Il Duomo, built in the XNUMXth century on the remains of a temple dedicated to the god Apollo, it is characterized by a long access staircase and a beautiful Romanesque façade. Going up the stairs, from the top of the steps, you can take fantastic photos of the entire square.

Where to eat and sleep

To then appease our hungry cylinders we stopped at Trattoria Da Piero and Silvana. The cuisine is exquisitely genuine; you can enjoy simple dishes, such as the always tasty legumes or various soups, or local dishes, based on truffles or porcini, or even typical game, all accompanied by our homemade bread, and finally, in the evening, leavened and prepared pizzas on the plate as it once was.

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