Tunisia by motorbike - the adventure between desert and dunes

The magnificent and fascinating Tunisian desert was the setting for a unique experience for the two groups of pilots who completed the stage and the adventure-trip on the dunes.

Tunisia with Freeracing
Tunisia with Freeracing

The adventure trip on the dunes and the stage for pilots are the two events that Oscar Polli organized in the splendid setting of the Tunisian desert.

Welcome home!

The travelers who attended the annual meeting of FreeRacing in Tunisia, from 17 November to 1 December, which saw two groups of pilots present. The more experienced were able to prepare pro-competition in the first week dedicated to the internship, the second group with less experienced riders, even for the first experience in the saddle in the desert, faced the most touristic week, albeit always demanding, living the experience driving in the desert throughout safety, with the assistance of a highly trained staff with a deep knowledge of the territory.

Desert Internship

Tunisia Sif Es Souane
Tunisia Sif Es Souane

The adventure in Tunisia began with a unique week experienced by the first group of riders, ready to unleash their desire to compete with the Desert Internship: seven really intense days to prepare the pilots, professionals or amateurs, to face the great African races: navigation, use of the Road-Book and driving techniques on the sand. The stage was open to single-cylinder enduros. The week saw the participating riders live a truly special experience that we could define as "riding between sky and sand", with a spectacular journey that allowed them to reach the crests of SIF ES SOUANE, a destination reached by only 10 motorcyclists in the last 10 years.

Desert Adventure

Tunisia with Freeracing
Tunisia with Freeracing

The second week dedicated to Maxi-Enduro, hosted riders passionate about tourism-adventure, some of whom for the first time riding on the desert dunes, who were able to learn the best sand driving and navigation techniques, accompanied by a great Coach. Also in this second week, the participants were able to experience real emotions, such as the bivouac around the fire in the splendid oasis of AIN OUADETTE or retrace the footsteps of the mythical rally-raid Africans from DOUZ to MIDA. The enthusiasm was high, the joy of being able to live this experience for the first time in total safety and without the ff year of the competition, made all the boys fall in love ... and we are ready to bet that we will see them again at one of the next editions.

⇒ The next appointment in Tunisia with FreeRacing is from 23 February to 1 March with the Stage dedicated to the most experienced pilots. If you want to measure yourself on the sand, don't miss this opportunity!

Tunisia Free Racing Oscar Polli
Oscar Chickens

The great experience acquired by Oscar Chickens with participation in the Rally Raid of the world circuit such as Faraoni, Merzouga, Paris Dakar Rally, Africa Eco Race and Rally Raid World Champion, has led him to organize trips and internships in the Douz desert for 23 years. But, every time the experience changes and it is a discovery, even for those who have been relying on for years FreeRacing to experience this magnificent adventure in the Saharan dunes.

For more information or requests, you can contact info@freeracing.it - ​​+39 02.48029828 or visit the official website www.freeracing.it


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