Technical motorcycle underwear - Buying guide

For winter or 4-season use, here is a selection of jerseys and pants to wear under your motorcycle clothing.

Benelli 752S best motorcycle technical underwear
Benelli 752S - Underwear SIXS - Photo by Fabio Casuccio

Technical motorcycle underwear, which one to choose? We have selected some leading clothing brands to give you an idea of ​​the best items they offer.

For a winter use or 4 seasons here is a selection of jerseys and pants to wear under your own clothing da motorcycle.

In addition to your needs related to the temperatures in which you use the bike, we always recommend that you choose your technical underwear carefully, also to touch the materials, feel the seams as they are made and check the right size, because a wrong purchase could be very annoying on your own skin.

FORCEFIELD extension

Forcefield Tornado - Technical motorcycle underwear
Forcefield Tornado - Technical motorcycle underwear

Tornado Advance Shirt & Pants

The Forcefield Tornado + technical clothing line has been designed to create the best possible defense against extreme weather conditions. With the use of Alitecno® and Defender, cutting-edge materials. Tornado + technology blocks access to cold air and helps maintain a constant body temperature, preventing the wind from entering without sacrificing perspiration. The temperature of the fiber is adaptable and helps to create a warm and dry micro-climate between the skin and the garment. Alitecno® is also Anti-Bacterial, against the development of bacteria caused by sweating. The use of flat seams, soft fabric and lightweight materials makes Tornado + comfortable and practical.

• Ergonomic design
• Wind resistant
• Thermal
• Breathable and dry
• Flat seam construction
• Anti bacterial
• Anti-UV
• Machine washable

Tornado Advance Pants retail price: Euro 60,00 VAT included
Price to the public Tornado Advance Shirt: Euro 81,00 VAT included


Held Style Skin - Technical motorcycle underwear
Held Style Skin - Technical motorcycle underwear

Style Skin Top - long sleeve shirt and Style Skin Base - trousers

Functional underwear in Held-Dry material: refreshing, light with a velvety surface.

Sizes: S, M, L, XL, XXL.

Price Euro 99,95 for the shirt. Euro 89,95 for woman ed Euro 99,95 for men for pants.


Hevik Techincal - Technical motorcycle underwear
Hevik Techincal - Technical motorcycle underwear

Technical Shirt

The summer-winter long-sleeved technical shirt is made of Dryarn® and Resistex® Carbon yarn, highly performing materials in terms of ventilation, hygiene, comfort, resistance and durability. Dryarn® ensures a high degree of insulation and breathability, facilitates the evaporation of sweat and maintains the correct natural thermoregulation of the body in all weather conditions. Resistex® Carbon, on the other hand, is an excellent antistatic and bacteriostatic: it disperses static electricity and does not undergo alterations if attacked by bacteria, molds, moths, insects or other microorganisms.
Thanks to the “Seamless” technology, you can enjoy ideal muscle compression with great freedom of movement.

Technical pants

The summer-winter technical trousers are a smart garment made of Dryarn® and Resistex® Carbon yarn, a combination that actively acts to increase well-being in the saddle. Thanks to the “Seamless” technology, the garment does not deform and adapts to the morphology of the body, to ensure freedom of movement and muscle compression. The high degree of insulation and breathability of the materials keeps the body temperature constant, even at low temperatures, and transfers sweat from the epidermis to the outer layer of the fabric,
for a fast evaporation process. Dryarn® does not undergo any alteration if attacked by bacteria, molds, moths, insects or other microorganisms; carbon fiber, on the other hand, guarantees the dispersion of static electricity.

    • Materials: 63% Polyamide - 30% Dryarn® - 5% Spandex - 2% Resistex® Carbon
    • sizes: from S to XXL

Prices: Jersey: Euro 47,90 - Trousers: Euro 41,00


Sixs Carbon Underwear - Technical motorcycle underwear
Sixs Carbon Underwear - Technical motorcycle underwear

TS1 Short Sleeve Crewneck in Carbon Underwear® by SIXS

TS1 is the short-sleeved crew-neck jersey made in Carbon Underwear®, a material patented by SIXS which, thanks to the careful mix of technical fibers and the particular weaving point, guarantees perfect breathability and a constant body temperature during all the seasons and in all climatic conditions. Unlike the sleeveless (SMX), the sleeve wraps the upper portion of the arm and the armpit, subject to profuse perspiration, keeping the epidermis fresh and dry. The polypropylene fiber, the lightest and most breathable on the market today, intertwined with a weave of carbon threads (with thermoregulatory and antistatic properties), protects the body from the load electric caused by the rubbing of several synthetic fabrics together, a typical condition of sportswear in general.

Advised price: 47,90 € (VAT included)

PN2L (with pad) and PNXL by SIXS: the LEGGINGS dedicated to the motorcyclist

The PN2L and PNXL SuperLight Carbon Underwear leggings allow you to never give up the pleasure of driving, even on particularly hot days, thanks to the thermoregulation and transpiration properties of the SuperLight Carbon Underwear® by SIXS fabric which, like a second skin, allows the motorcyclist to maintain the correct body temperature, transporting sweat (and with it the heat) outside, without absorbing it. The result is a pleasant sensation of dryness and freshness on the skin.

The two products differ only in the presence of a variable density breathable chamois dedicated to motorcyclists (called "Motorcycle PAD") in the PN2L model. Motorcycle Pad is the revolutionary double density pad, designed specifically for the motorcyclist thanks to the particular shape that exactly covers the areas subject to vibrations and rubbing, in particular for the "Adventure" riding position where the knee drops below the hip joint, following the profile of the saddle.

Price: the PNXL and PN2L leggings (with pad) are on sale on the website and at SIXS dealers at the price, respectively, of Euro 48,90 (VAT included) ed Euro 69,90 (VAT included).


Tucano Technomerino - Urban Motorcycle Technical Underwear
Tucano Technomerino - Urban Motorcycle Technical Underwear

Amelio sweater and Calzamelio trousers

They are made of Technomerino, with the exterior in merino wool and the interior in polyester to ensure maximum comfort even at the coldest temperatures.

Technomerino, the exclusive material of Tucano Urbano is composed of merino wool on the outside and thermal polyester on the inside, in contact with the skin.

The internal polyester layer is pleasantly smooth and soft in contact with the skin; it does not absorb moisture, but carries it outwards, keeping the skin always dry.

The outer layer in merino wool has excellent insulating properties and keeps warm at the coldest temperatures, thanks to the fibers with a diameter of less than 20 thousandths of a millimeter; it absorbs humidity up to 35% of its specific weight, and then releases it with an effective thermoregulating action; it has a natural antibacterial action that allows to neutralize odors.

Technomerino garments are made to last over time, they are machine washed, do not shrink and dry quickly.

Prices: AMELIO shirt Euro 59,90 and the CALZAMELIO trousers Euro 49,90.


Wheelup Inproof - Technical motorcycle underwear
Wheelup Inproof - Technical motorcycle underwear

Inproof 4 Season turtleneck undershirt Made in Italy by SIXS.

Compression underwear, ideal for all temperatures and for all sports, but not only. Its composition (polypropylene fiber and carbon thread) makes the product breathable and thermoregulating in any climatic condition and confers antistatic properties, preserving the body from the electrical load caused by the rubbing of several synthetic fabrics together.

The mock neck also protects the throat from sudden changes in temperature and cool currents.
The absence of seams allows for an optimal fit to follow the shape of the body while remaining perfectly adherent without annoying. To offer the best, this garment must be used directly in contact with the skin.

- Long-sleeved undershirt
- Composition in polypropylene fiber and carbon thread that make the garment breathable and thermoregulating
- Seamless for maximum comfort

XS to XL, price 49,95 €

Inproof Windshield Underpants 100% Made in Italy by SIXS

The Windshied trousers protect the wearer's entire leg and the windproof membrane creates a breathable windproof barrier on the front. Thanks to the WINDSHIELD membrane, a micro-cushion of air is created to defend the body, without causing the classic “greenhouse effect” which increases sweating. The legs will remain dry and at the optimal temperature, for effective muscular performance during sport but not only.

- Composition: polypropylene fiber and carbon thread
- WindShield membrane
- Seamless for maximum comfort
- To be used in contact with the skin for maximum yield

XS to XL, price 55,95 €