Giovo Pass by motorbike

Passo di Monte Giovo by motorbike - One of the most beautiful passes in western South Tyrol and direct connection to the Passo del Rombo

Passo Giovo Itinerary by motorbike
Passo Giovo Itinerary by motorbike

Passo Giovo by motorbike: curves, hairpin bends and breathtaking views in the heart of Tyrol just a few kilometers from the Passo del Rombo.

The Passo di Monte Giovo is one of the best known on the western side of South Tyrol. Our itinerary starts from Vipiteno and takes you to the summit, where you can deviate towards the Timmelsjoch or go down towards Merano.

Altitude (meters above sea level) 2.099
Length 39 Km
connection San Leonardo in Passiria - Sterzing
Number of hairpin bends 23
Winter closure -
Road conditions and notes Medium but with breathtaking views

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  1. Departure from Vipiteno
  2. Mount Giovo
  3. Merano
  4. Useful Tips
  5. Map and information


Coming from the North, from the Passo del Brenner, the starting point is Vipiteno, a small and very characteristic medieval village. Here you can make a short stop to visit the historic center, famous for its via New Town, With the Tower of the Twelve, 46 meters high, the symbol of Vipiteno that divides the new and old part of the town. If you want to stay longer, you can also visit the neighbor Castel Tasso or le Stanghe waterfalls.

Monte Giovo and San Leonardo in Passiria

from Isarco Valley take the SS44 that connects Vipiteno to Merano. Here you can warm up your tires if you intend to go to Austria via the Timmelsjoch. The road goes through dense forests that are very cool in summer. The mantle is not the best, with many patches scattered around to plug the holes created in winter. You then arrive in Val Passiria and then on top of the Passo di Monte Giovo. The view is truly unique: you can admire the Gran Punta di Monte Croce to the west and the Corno Bianco to the south. Go slowly and enjoy this work of art. At the top of the pass there is a very busy inn, otherwise you can stop in the quiet village of San Leonardo in Passiria.


In San Leonardo we decided to continue towards Merano, but don't miss the beauty of the Turbot Pass. The roads are endless, the choice is yours. We rested for a couple of days in the beautiful South Tyrolean town of Merano, famous for the Terme (where we relaxed for a whole afternoon) and the Forst brewery complete with a typical restaurant (very good even if very touristy). We therefore recommend a visit to the beautiful Trauttmansdorff Castle (it takes at least a couple of hours), a wonderful botanical garden, and the Powder Tower, which dominates the whole city and the historic center with its picturesque arcades.

Useful Tips

In the summer, traffic is heavy, which is why always pay attention to families, cyclists and campers. There are many tourist refreshment points but just as many less known typical ones. Watch out for speed cameras as always, here they are quite strict with freaky and noisy motorcyclists.

Where to sleep and eat

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