New V85TT: test, impressions and review

Moto Guzzi V85TT, the new tourer from Mandello thoroughly tested during the Moto Guzzi Experience in Trentino: test and review by Claudio Conte.

moto guzzi v85tt experience trentino 2019 rolle pass

What better time than a long weekend in Trentino, walking between Alps e The Dolomites, to test the brand new Moto Guzzi V85TT and try theexperience of the Moto Guzzi Experience.

And we of Moto Excape we decided to send the security guy in motorcycle made it a profession: Claudio Conte, president of the Association Safe Urban Driving. To him there pen...

“I was certain for some time that all motorcycles had a soul. I had the opportunity to try the new Moto Guzzi V85TT at one of the stages of the Moto Guzzi Experience 2019, in Trentino. Two days up and down from The Dolomites, between landscapes and valleys that fill the eyes with their beauty, immersed in nature that transmits strength and peace. However, they veiled me with sadness looking at the devastation of the wind that cut down thousands of trees in the storm of last October 29th. "

moto guzzi v85tt experience trentino 2019 test review opinionHow's it going: the Moto Excape test from a Touring perspective

I traveled 430km between passivated and hairpin bends, even under the sleet of 2240 meters of altitude Pordoi Pass and its 5% of temperature. I can say that I really had a lot of fun on this new eagle from Mandello and I appreciated its many qualities even if it is not lacking in perfectible details like any other bike.

Ergonomic spaces and furniture

La driving position thanks to a wide but well-proportioned handlebar, it determines a natural and never tiring posture. There saddle it is not low but it is narrow towards the tank so as to allow a firm support with the feet. The footboards they are set back just enough to allow you to safely descend into fast curves and tackle uphill hairpin bends, actually real corkscrews like those of the San Pellegrino pass, without ever scratching the footboards on the asphalt. The tubular trellis frame that wraps around the saddle and acts as handles for the passenger and as a support for bags and top case is beautiful. It feels secure and made to support the travel suitcase set.

Chassis and brakes

Le suspensions they are effective on any terrain, even on the motorway they make the bike stable and the front end is always precise and sincere. The mild of the freno anterior and clutch are adjustable so as to allow the customization of the commands to each traveler. The rear brake lever has too long travel for my taste. But with a simple adjustment everyone will be able to find the right braking feeling. Positive note ABS which is not never invasive, so much so that in certain moments one doubts that there is. But it's effective when you really need it.

moto guzzi v85tt experience trentino 2019 test review opinion

Engine and performance

The engine is sly at low revs, where it cradles you with its typical Larian twin-cylinder vibrations, but ready to rev when it comes into torque from around 3.500g / m. I very much appreciated the total absence of on-off throttle even when turning the knob firmly. The command is always smooth and progressive. It sure will be a big advantage for those who will use the bike for tourism, perhaps with bags and passenger. However, I would have preferred a couple at a lower speed. It would have helped me get out of the hairpin bends with more responsiveness, especially imagining a fully loaded trip.
Another point in favor of the Moto Guzzi V85TT is theno play at the cardan joint. Finally you can travel without being accompanied by the typical “ciok” by turning the accelerator just a little and also by accelerating decisively, the drift of the cardan is barely noticeable. Really a great job of setting up the bike in the Guzzi house. Even the cultural, i liked it very much. The lever from short stroke and precise grafts.

On board

La instrumentation it's kind of full led always clearly visible even in full sun, with lots of useful information for traveling. Also nice automatic contrast inversion system passing through tunnels or in shady areas.
The control blocks are current and "stylish" but the buttons seem to have been scattered with a too personal criterion. Decidedly the stop button can be improved which is too small and anonymous. It hides by being drowned in the control block and it is not always easy to press it especially when wearing gods gloves winter. Then the choice of dyeing it in black instead of red is curious. Perhaps more traditional but certainly more immediate.
Also the switch of the arrows did not convince me. It shifts left and right like on almost all other bikes, but the deactivation by pressing is not felt. I would have preferred it with a more decisive "click". You never know if you've really turned off turn signals that aren't timed. Wearing a pair of padded gloves makes you look at the warning light on the dashboard with consequent distraction from the road.

Summing up

moto guzzi v85tt experience trentino 2019 test review opinionThe new Moto Guzzi V85TT is an eclectic motorcycle. Stylistically perfect to get noticed at the right point,  concrete and effective in everyday drivingie comfortable travel companion for those who prefer tourist use.
All motorcycles have their own characteristics and for those who make a faith in the Mandello twin-cylinder, the choice is mandatory. For others it is undoubtedly an excellent alternative to evaluate. The eagle, with this V85TT, fly higher.

Claudio Conte

The test was conducted during the stage of Moto Guzzi Experience in Trentino, a beautifully weekend organized directly by the parent company with the support of a Tour Operator who took care of the tourist and logistical details: itineraries spectacular with stops and visits to the most beautiful points of the route; Hotel, Pergine Castle, not only beautiful, but really one of a kind; almost all the Guzzi range available, excellent regional cuisine together with the travel company (the tour was in fact fully booked). For more information visit Moto Guzzi Experience.



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Ph. Credits (Claudio Conte - Moto Guzzi - Piaggio Group)