Moto Guzzi - The courage to go further


100 years of Moto Guzzi - ASI - The courage to go beyond documentary film docufilm
100 years of Moto Guzzi - ASI - The courage to go further

Monday, March 15, the day on which the Moto Guzzi turns 100, ASI presents the preview of the docufilm entitled "The courage to go beyond"

An independent project conceived by enthusiasts Massimo Zavaglia and Bruno Nava, produced by Alboran and sponsored by the Municipality of Milan, which is unveiled during a live streaming on ASI web channels starting at 21.00.

“The courage to go beyond” (written by Laura Motta and directed by Maurizio Pavone) is the story of the life of the three men who gave rise to the myth of Motorcycle Guzzi: Giorgio Parodi, Carlo Guzzi and Giovanni Ravelli. It is the story of a fraternal bond from which, in the difficult years of the first post-war period, was born a project that became a successful entrepreneurial reality, which wrote important pages in Italian and world motorcycle history.

Moto Guzzi it is not just a brand that identifies beautiful, fast, technically advanced motorcycles and protagonists of memorable sporting victories. It is the expression of the human and professional history of those who have made possible the realization of a common goal for the men who have associated their name with that of the Mandello del Lario company.
This is the strength of the message conveyed by "The courage to go further": an adventure full of emotions and details that perhaps not everyone knows, told through precious testimonies of the real protagonists. The grandchildren of the founders, the children of former employees, the journalists and historians of the brand.

“The courage to go further” also has noble social and solidarity purposes. All proceeds from the distribution of the docufilm will be donated to the Le Vele Onlus Association di Pioltello (MI), committed to welcoming and supporting the most fragile families to protect the well-being of their children.

Appointment at 21.00 pm on Monday 15 March on the Facebook page, on the Youtube channel and on the Automotoclub Storico Italiano website (