Marche in motion: magnificent Gradara

Gradara, in the province of Pesaro and Urbino, famous for its Rocca, has been included among the most beautiful villages in Italy and has been awarded the Orange Flag of the Italian Touring Club.

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Gradara is among the most beautiful villages in Italy to visit by motorbike, car or bicycle. An obligatory stop on every itinerary in the Marche.

The history of Gradara is closely linked to the vicissitudes of his castle, subject over the centuries to the dominion of families Malatesta, Sforza e Della Rovere and to the love story of Paul Malatesta and Francesca from Rimini, made immortal by the verses of Dante Alighieri.

gradara marche pesaro urbino rocca motorbike itineraries villages
Access to the castle from the Borgo

Gradara boasts the Orange Flag and falls between The most beautiful villages in Italy. It has two walls: the outermost one, marked by towers and square embattled towers, provides a strong scenographic impact to the visitor; the village is accessed only through the Door of the Clock; from there, along via Umberto I, which is overlooked by low buildings with shops and meeting places, you reach the intermediate wall, which separates the village from the Rocca; this has a square plan and a mighty polygonal tower on the north-east side. Its original layout dates back to the 700th century, but extensions and changes were made under the dominion of the Malatesta and Sforza families, up to the 800th and 400th centuries. The interiors are furnished with 500th and XNUMXth century furniture and there are frescoes by Amico Aspertini, an altarpiece by Andrea della Robbia and an altarpiece by Giovanni Santi.

Around the castle you can walk the Path of lovers that surrounds the hill, from which you can admire the landscape of the Pesaro area. The Ornithological Park is also located in the fabulous context of the medieval fortress - Falconry Center “Il Teatro dell'Aria ", an environmental education park entirely dedicated to the art of falconry. Here you can admire demonstrations of specimens of birds of prey in flight - falcons, vultures, kites, eagles, civet, Owls, goshawks and buzzards - and witness thrilling spectacles with birds of prey.

Also worth visiting is Il Municipal Theater, capable of just 70 seats, located inside Palazzo Rubini Vesin, for two passivated from the imposing Rocca. The typical dish of Gradara, so as not to get back in motorcycle with hunger, is the "bigol“, Spaghetti, handmade and seasoned with mushroom or meat sauce.

The important events that take place in Gradara during the year are: Gradara to love (February),  Solstice at the castle Thursday at the castle (June / September) e Siege of the Castle (July).