IMF clarifications on phase 2

FMI explains and clarifies the points of the Decree of 26 April 2020 in order to avoid interpretative and application differences for phase 2.

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FMI, the Italian Motorcycle Federation, sends the circular of clarifications and interpretations following the latest decree on the Covid19 emergency for Phase 2.

Following the provisions of the Decree of the President of the Council of Ministers of 26 April 2020 - available by clicking here - in order to avoid interpretative and application differences, the Italian Motorcycle Federation indicates - below - the measures relating to the performance of all motorcycle activity organized under the coordination of federal activities.

It should be noted that the provisions of the following article of the DPCM ...

Art. 1 paragraph 1 f)

"It is not allowed to carry out play or recreational activities outdoors; it is allowed to perform individually, or with a companion for minors or people who are not completely self-sufficient, sports or physical activity, provided that in any case respecting the distance of safety interpersonal of at least two meters for sports and at least one meter for any other activity ".

.... is concerned with the exercise of sports, athletic and motor activities carried out by the private citizen for the maintenance of a correct state of physical health and does not pertain to the activities of training sports of the disciplines that fall within the competence of each National Federation. 

The responsibility for the correct application of this rule falls solely and exclusively on the behavior of the citizen. To this end, awareness is raised on the control of local legislation (regional and / or municipal) which could differ from the general provisions.

As part of the activity organized by the Italian Motorcycle Federation, in compliance with government regulations - without prejudice to any further interpretative indications that may arrive from the government authorities in the next few days, of which we will provide prompt communication - the following indications will apply from 4 May 2020 until 17 May 2020:

Art. 1 paragraph 1 g)

"sports events and competitions of any order and discipline, in public or private places, are suspended. In order to allow the gradual resumption of sports activities, in compliance with priority health protection needs related to the risk of spreading from COVID-19, the training sessions of athletes, professionals and non-professionals - recognized of national interest by the National Olympic Committee Italian (CONI), the Italian Paralympic Committee (CIP) and their respective Federations, in view of their participation in the Olympic Games or national and international events - are allowed, in compliance with the rules of social distancing and without any gathering, behind closed doors, for athletes of individual sports disciplines".

So, for clarity:

  • THEY ARE SUSPENDED federal sporting events or competitions of every order and motorcycle specialty, at national and territorial level at least until May 17th inclusive.
  • THEY ARE SUSPENDED activities that take place under federal coordination including motorbike-touring rallies, courses for Licensed students, structured training sessions (collegiate or internship), at national and territorial level at least up to and including 17 May.
  • The training activity - in FMI approved facilities and authorized for opening according to individual regional ordinances - of athletes recognized by the FMI of national interest is ALLOWED, i.e .:
  1. Drivers of national interest
  2. Blue Talents
  3. National talents
  4. Drivers already registered in world and European championships

The aforementioned pilots, in possession of a national license, will receive a specific and personal communication from the IMF authorizing them to train, always in compliance with the protection measures indicated in the Prime Minister's Decree and any other local provisions.

The IMF is working tirelessly to guarantee to all its members and licensed people the gradual resumption of activities in the widest degree of safety and in compliance with the prescribed rules. This is why a technical committee has already been activated for weeks, consisting of the top management of the Technical Sports Sector, the Plant Office, the Medical Commission and the Safety Commission which is perfecting the Guidelines, in collaboration with the Sports Medical Federation. , in order to standardize the implementation methods for resuming sporting activities both during the training phase and, subsequently, during the competition. Affiliates, Licensed and Card Members are invited to inquire about any news that may materialize not only in the ordinary press, but also through the federal website.

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