In the dunes of Tunisia - Desert Stage with Free Racing

Tunisia Desert Stage: 3 week of dunes and unmissable experiences to experience the desert under the guidance of Oscar Polli and Free Racing.

Tunisia Free Racing Oscar Polli
Free Racing: Tunisia Desert Stage

An intense stage of technique, fun & adventure with courses similar to the famous African races with the World Champion Oscar Polli.

3 weeks for each level and motorbike with routes similar to the famous African races: navigation, GPS, cap and sand riding technique updates for 2-stroke, light single-cylinder and maxienduro motorcycles. *

  • 24 – 31 October maxienduro Rally Desert Internship
  • 01 - 07 November single cylinder Rally Desert Stage
  • 07 - 14 November maxienduro Rally Desert Stage

Seven days in the Tunisian desert with an exceptional coach: the Dakarian, winner of the Africa Eco Race 2012 and World Champion Oscar Chickens.

Course-Tour ideal for motorcyclists, practitioners and non-practitioners who want to savor new routes in the desert lands of Tunisia 100% sand. adventure and fun. Stage Excellent also as a preparation for the big races in the desert.

  • Level: practicing amateurs
  • Runtime: 150 / km 160
  • GPS Obligation
  • Road Book optional
  • Motorcycle: Maxienduro - light single-cylinder 2-stroke motorcycles

For more information, costs and more you can contact Oscar directly from his site and to his email

* Travel to Tunisia is possible with the anticovid-19 obligation to have a molecular swab upon entry into Tunisian customs, unfortunately Tunisia is not part of the Schengen area so that upon returning to Italy the obligation to undergo the two-week fiduciary quarantine as per today's Dcpm protocol anticovid-19.