Motogirl leggings arrive in Italy

Motogirl leggings also arrive in Italy, comfortable, beautiful and protective, they are the most loved by motorcyclists from all over the world

Motogirl Ribbed Leggings
Motogirl Ribbed Leggings

The motorcycle leggings most loved by motorcyclists from all over the world also arrive in Italy: comfortable, stylish and protective.

Comfortable and protective the Motogirl leggings they represent the perfect garment for women and girls looking for a technical garment that is at the same time beautiful to look at and comfortable to wear.

Passion leggings for women in motorcycle, always in motion. Tucano Urbano diventa il distributore ufficiale di Motogirl: i leggings da moto firmati dal known brand inglese sbarcano ora anche in Italy, distributed exclusively by the widespread network of resellers of the Milanese brand.

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Popular all over the world for its range of motorcycle leggings, Motogirl is a family business, born 4 years ago from the passion for design and motorcycles by the two founders: Ina Lombard-Ogilvie and Ellen Ogilvie.

"Twenty five years ago - says Ina - I was riding with clothing e accessories, all huge, which my cousin lent me. At the time, most motorcycle shops did not offer many women's clothing, indeed some did not have any at all ... this market was not even recognized, while we all know that now the situation has changed and continues to evolve".

Motogirl Melissa Leggings

Only for women

Made by women for women, Motogirl leggings now represent the perfect blend of design, fit and protection. Under a skilful female direction that knows both the world of motorcycles and the needs of the fairer sex well, the wide range of distinctive Motogirl sizes is born: each size is designed to dress the most diverse shapes and ensure that the protections are always in the right place. .

Ribbed Leggings

Comfortable and protective, the RIBBED LEGGINGS are CE certified in class AA; they are fully lined in 100% Kevlar® Dupont ™ and are equipped with CE level 2 protectors on the hips and knees (available in black; recommended retail price: 189,00 Euro).

Melissa Leggings

Style and comfort are found in the MELISSA LEGGINGS, perfect for any occasion, even at the highest temperatures. They are CE certified in class A, which is why they have Kevlar® Dupont ™ inserts in the abrasion zones 1 and 2 and the level 2 CE protectors supplied only on the knees, while on the hips there is still a mesh pocket to accommodate the protectors (black and gray colors; recommended retail price: 159,00 Euro).

10 sizes, from 38 to 56.

Motogirl leggings are available at all Tucano Urbano accessories and clothing retailers, in the Tucano Urbano single-brand stores and on the website.