Monte Jafferau - Val Susa by motorbike

Val Susa by motorbike: tour of Mount Jafferau. The Piedmontese Alps: breathtaking views, asphalted and dirt roads, many curves, excellent food and top hospitality.

Val Susa by motorbike
Val Susa by motorbike: ascent to Jafferau

The Piedmont Alps, on the border with France, have always been a perfect destination for motorcyclists of all kinds, on and off the road: breathtaking views, paved and dirt roads, lots of curves, excellent food and top hospitality.

The Val Susa

We have defined it as the enduro playground (maxi and mono) because the military roads of the wars of the past are now available to all of us for maximum fun. We have already "tasted" them during the splendid event of the HAT Adventurefest, testing them with all kinds of means, give them maxi-enduro, to electric ai scooter (both 2 and 4 wheels!), but we couldn't wait to return with some enduro specialists, to go and "play" on the most remote passages.

Val Susa by motorbike
Val Susa by motorbike: Baita Ciao Pais

Waiting for us at Hello Pais hut, a real gem to stay in Sauze D'Oulx, There is Peter Tupputi, which for over twenty years has accompanied enduro riders and motorcyclists in general on all types of terrain and on the most beautiful roads in Italy, North Africa, Europe and occasionally even in the United States. Our motorcycle is Honda's little all-rounder, the CRF 250 Rally, rubberized with the Anlas X-Rally, but we also used one of the Beta X-Trainer 300 that Pietro rents and made us find on the spot (which is very convenient!). Furthermore, the Ciao Pais Refuge is super strategic, with the first off-road trails starting from there. All ready, let's go!

Mount Jafferau

The first goal of the day is the Mount Jafferau, consisting of two peaks, the Head of the Ban (2.652 meters above sea level) and the Jafferau peak proper (2.805 meters above sea level). From Sauze there are several dirt roads that lead to the top, more or less demanding, more for two-cylinder or more for reading mono. We always recommend tackling these accompanied routes at least for the first time, in order to avoid finding yourself in trouble in the wrong place with the wrong bike. The main trails rise from Moncellier, Savoulx or from Gleise in a succession of stunning views over the valley.

Val Susa by motorbike
Val Susa in Moto: the military forts

We choose to go up the military road Military road 79 Fenil - Pramand - Föens - Jafferau. After leaving the state road of Montgenevre near Pont Serrand, between Exilles and Salbertrand, the road reaches the hamlet of Fenil where the first of the 4 connected forts was located. The dust is really a lot, so we go up slowly, paying attention also to the off-road cars and to the bikes (many e-bikes) that we find going up. The carriage road arrives at the Colletto Pramand (2087 m asl) where the beautiful scenery of the Cottian Alps opens up and we stop for the first stop at Fort Pramand. The fort was the last fort to have been built in the Bardonecchia basin (after Fort Bramafam e Fort Föens). The fort was equipped with 4 cannons protected by a steel dome over 15 cm thick which rested on spheres that allowed it to rotate 360 ​​° to beat the Valle della Dora di Cesana and the Bardonecchia basin.

Val Susa by motorbike
Val Susa in Moto: the Saracens Gallery

We continue uphill and we finally find ourselves in the splendid and suggestive Seguret Gallery ", finally reopened to traffic, which comes out on the path that leads to Fort at Seguret. Built to prevent the constant collapse of boulders on the road from the slopes of Monte Seguret: also called "Gallery of the Saracens”(From the name of the caves on Mount Seguret) is long 876 meters, U-shaped and basically natural. In my opinion being able to have fun on a motorcycle, touching pieces of the history of our country, moreover immersed in nature, has no equal. We continue the climb towards the top and we arrive at the highest point of the carriage road, al Fort Jaffreau. The view is incredible 360 ​​degrees. AND' the highest military battery in Italy, located at 2775 m asl, the second highest in the Alps after the Chaberton Battery (3130 m asl), now in French territory near Montgenèvre. Virtually nothing remains of the fort itself; the positions of the 8 cannons placed on the top of the fort itself are still clearly visible but the surrounding wall has almost disappeared in its entirety except for the entrance portal, partially visible (except for the drawbridge, no longer present) while in discrete conditions are still the powder keg and the depolettamento rooms, located at the end of the military road.

Val Susa by motorbike
Val Susa by motorbike: Fort Jafferau

The stop is mandatory, to catch your breath and enjoy the truly unique view, the photos are taken by themselves. From here we choose to descend into the valley on the other side up to Bardonecchia: the road continues with a short branch built after World War II and joins, in the back of the Fort, with the road that goes up from "Basins" of Fregiusia (Bardonecchia), a road that until 2013 was closed to traffic as it is very steep and runs along the ski lifts of Mount Jafferau.

An intense and satisfying morning also for the lunch stop at the small restaurant where Pietro accompanied us, for a true triumph of local flavors prepared according to tradition. Full of energy we are ready to get back on the saddle again: the legendary Colle del awaits us Sommelier! Click here to find out more!

For the tour we used: Alpinestars (stivali Corozal Adventure Oiled Leather Boots), Enduristan (Blizzard S bags), SW-Motech (Drybag-80), Kite-Parts (handlebar), O'Neal (clothing), Zandonà (protections), M3V(prints), Event (tires).


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