Molise by motorbike and Lake Guardalfiera

A pearl of Molise, an uncontaminated land to be discovered among scenic roads and ancient villages.

Termoli Molise - Picture of Valter Cirillo
Termoli Molise - Picture of Valter Cirillo

A beautiful motorcycle itinerary to discover the wonders of Molise: from Campobasso to Termoli passing through Lake Guardalfiera.

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Campobasso, capital of Molise, is the perfect starting point for discovering villages and countries of the less frequented and decidedly undervalued region of Italy.

Campobasso has a modern part, but we preferred to give priority to the historic center. The old part of Campobasso is built on the slopes of the Castle of Monforte, arranged as an amphitheater around the hill, at 700 meters above sea level. The main sites to visit are: the Church of Sant'Antonio Abate, the Cathedral of the Holy Trinity, destroyed by the earthquake and rebuilt in a neoclassical style, the Castle of Monforte, the Provincial Museum of Sannio, Palazzo Pistilli and the Savoia theater.

Guardalfiera and the lake

Lago Guardialfiera - Picture of Fflavio74
Lago di Guardialfiera - Picture by Fflavio74

In the Molise hinterland there is a delightful village that seems straight out of a fairy tale. Guardialfiera watches over the first Apennine reliefs on one side, while on the other it is reflected in the waters of the homonymous lake, a small jewel of Molise. Of ancient origins, its historic center boasts splendid architectural pearls such as the church of Santa Maria Assunta, dating back to the 60th century. But the main attraction of the village is undoubtedly the suggestive Guardialfiera lake, an artificial reservoir created between the 70s and XNUMXs thanks to the construction of a dam on the Biferno river.


In Termoli there is a beautiful clear blue flag sea and an ancient village dominated by an imposing castle overlooking the sea, a real gem to admire when arriving from the hinterland. The main places to visit are: the old village, with squares, historic buildings and houses repainted with bright pastel colors; the Castello Svevo, an ancient Norman fortress and of course the enchanting beaches bathed by the Adriatic. Photo by Valter Cirillo

Do not miss

The Rio Vivo beach is perfect for those who, in addition to the beautiful sea, love to spend their time in a more sporty way practicing all kinds of water activities.


The waters of the lake hide an ancient secret: with the creation of the dam, some lands around the village of Guardialfiera were flooded. Right here stood an ancient bridge, known both by the name of Ponte di Sant'Antonio and by the more suggestive one of Ponte di Annibale. In fact, it is said that the famous Carthaginian leader marched there to head towards the Puglia, during the Second Punic War. The remains of this splendid testimony of the past are completely covered by water, but from time to time, in periods of greater drought, they re-emerge, giving a fascinating spectacle.

Useful Tips

The tiny hamlet of Ripabottoni can be a pleasant stop along the way. Here you can taste the products and the typical cuisine of the region and if you want to stop for a night you can stay in the welcoming Art & Breakfast.

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