Heated mittens by KAPPA

Cold in the hands, have you tried them all? Here is the ultimate solution from Kappa!

KS604 KAPPA heated mittens 2
KS604 Mittens for heated motorcycles and scooters by KAPPA

Better than battery-powered grips and gloves, the definitive solution against cold hands is signed by KAPPA with heated mittens.

Let's face it, when it's cold and your hands freeze, we've always sent aesthetics to that country and we've tried them all: aftermarket heated grips, gloves thermals with battery, mittens of all types and materials.

Finally Kappa silences everyone and combines in a single device what we have always been waiting for: the KS604 universal heated mittens, for every type of handlebar and motorcycle.

Capable of producing heat quickly and safely, these accessories they allow the use of light gloves even during the winter, thus also allowing greater sensitivity to commands.

How do they work?

Made of padded polyester, the KS604 mittens heat up in just 3 minutes from switching on ... once connected directly to the vehicle battery via the cables supplied as standard or via USB to the Kappa Power Hub KS110 + KS111 kit (available separately).
The temperature level is adjustable on three levels and can be managed via the external light switch.

KS604 KAPPA heated mittens 1
KS604 Mittens for heated motorcycles and scooters by KAPPA

How are they assembled?

Practical and quick, fixing to the handlebar - which does not require the removal of the rocker arms - takes place via a system of adjustable straps, which can be adapted to any two-wheeled vehicle. On the KAPPA YouTube channel there is a tutorial that explains the assembly and connection electric in details.

Are they safe?

Guaranteed by the type of resistance positioned inside the grip covers, completely insulated and protected by the polyester padding, which produces heat without creating problems of flexibility and overheating. The low voltage also excludes any kind of danger related to electricity. KS604 also helps active safety, the one that makes it more visible when traveling on two wheels, thanks to strategically placed reflective prints.

The cost to the public including VAT is 129,00 euros.


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