MIVV manifolds for Harley-Davidson

MIVV presents the most performing collector for Harley-Davidson® Touring for travel and with a 50% reduction in heat.

MIVV harley davidson touring manifold

The first MIVV product intended for HD, innovative and revolutionary, is finally ready and it is a truly not "hot" novelty.

Is called No Kat Head Pipes, not only focuses on quality of materials and on improved performance and is aimed at model owners Harley-Davidson cruiser / touring, from the monumental Electra Glide Ultra Classic and sisters, to the various versions of the Road King and CVO.

No Kat Head Pipes. Those who chew "motoring" English have already understood that we are not presenting a complete exhaust but only a part of it: the one that includes the collectors that connect the cylinders to the exhaust terminal. Those components that weigh the most on the overall weight of the system e that most "warm up" the area near the legs and feet.

Why revolutionaries?

MIVV, in this case, put comfort ahead of style, proposing to those who have chosen a Harley-Davidson designed to travel many hours a solution to consider when replacing the exhaust.

The Pluses of No-Kat Head Pipes are many. The greater heat shield offered translates into a 50% drop in temperature.

An example of a survey:

  engine kat area footboard collectors
HARLEY DAVIDSON PIPES 125 ° c 290 ° c 90 ° c 370 ° c
MIVV NO KAT PIPES 125 ° c 110 ° c 28 ° c 196 ° c

Another point to highlight concerns thepower increase expressed by the engine, which reaches 7%.

Bench detection (detected at the wheel):

           MODEL                    STREET GLIDE (2018) 1.745 cc
  Max power (CV) Engine revolutions Max torque (Nm) Engine revolutions
HARLEY DAVIDSON PIPES 63,3 4.733 146,0 2.493
MIVV NO KAT PIPES 66,4 4.601 151,0 2.506

Another strong point of the MIVV proposal is the perfect interchangeability with the original manifold, which therefore allows you to keep the original HD muffler or to apply an obviously dedicated aftermarket one.

La compatibility indicated it also applies to the stock heat shields, which can be easily reassembled on the MIVV manifold kit.

MIVV immediately starts in fourth with a rather rich list of applications, aimed at gamma Harley-Davidson touring. Find the application table at the following link. No Kat Head Pipes. Retail price: from by 488,00 euro


Mivv specializes in the development and manufacture of original equipment and aftermarket exhaust systems for motorcycle. Founded in 1969, their after market exhausts are developed using the best and most innovative materials, continuously studying attractive designs, guaranteeing increases in performance, all while paying great attention to the sound that must be inimitable.
The engineers working in the Research and Development department can count on a state-of-the-art structure and instrumentation that includes a semi-anechoic room for noise measurements in controlled environment conditions, as well as different types of engine test benches (a static bench with eddy currents, a roller bench, two dynamic banks). 



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