By motorbike on the Trentino Wine and Flavors Road

In Trentino between candlelit aperitifs, dinners in the cellar, educational workshops for young and old, itineraries to discover the area and much more.

Trentino Wine and Flavors Road

Several initiatives will take you on your motorbike from Lake Garda to the Cembra Valley, from the Piana Rotaliana to Trento.

Aperitifs, dinners in the cellar, itineraries to discover the area and much more, everything is ready ... you just have to make a phone call to book your taste experience!

The lights are turned off and the food and wine initiatives with low energy impact are turned on… the 1 March M'illumino di Meno is back, the day of energy saving and sustainable lifestyles proposed by Caterpillar and Rai Radio2, dedicated this year to the circular economy.

Here's the schedule: 

Aperitif in the cellar | Lavis, from 16.00 to 20.00
The wines of Maso Poli meet the products of Arturo Paoli - food specialties at the wine point of the farm illuminated by the light of candles
info: Maso Poli, tel. 0461 871519 -  

Sweet carnival mask book  | Trento, 17.30 pm
Creation of masks with recycled materials and tasting at Pasticceria Gelateria Gently Marzari of carnival sweets of Marzari pastry shop
info: Dolcemente Marzari, tel. 0461 036036 -

Shop… by the light of candle | Riva del Garda, from 17.30 to 19.00
Opening of the store in Molino Pellegrini in soft lighting
info: Molino Pellegrini, tel. 0464 521323 - 

I enlighten myself with goodness  | Trento, from 18.00 to 20.00
Wine tasting of Cavite combined with the products of Belli delicatessen, with soft lighting, in one of the romantic courtyards adjacent to the eighteenth-century Villa de Mersi, led by Stappo to the Rule
info: Stappo alla Regola, tel. 0461 1483555 | 333 5334819 - 

The changing climate (the world) | Altavalle, 18.00 pm
Aperitif based on local products during which we will talk about how the climate is changing and its effects, at the Green Grill - Info and Flavors
info: Green Grill - Info and Flavors, tel. 346 2799154 ​​-

Aperitif by candlelight | Giovo, 18.30 pm
Aperitif among soft lights in the company of the wines of Corniole Villa and gastronomic surprises proposed by Maso Franch 
info: Maso Franch, tel. 0461 245533 - 

Supper I Light Up Less | Cembra Lisignago, 19.30 pm
Candlelit dinner with low energy impact dishes and cooking by Butcher Zanotelli
info and reservations by February 27: Butcher Zanotelli, tel. 0461 683012 - 

The winery lights up less | Lavis, 19.30 pm
The wines of Winery The Vis meet Trentino cheeses in a candlelit tasting session
info and reservations: Cantina La Vis, tel. 0461 440111 -

Stars at the castle | Furnace, 20.00 pm
Accompanied byEcomuseum Argentinian, walk in the dark to discover the ancient churches of Fornace, with observation of the stars and a sweet tasting in the company of Marco Bronzetti pastry shop
info: Ecomuseo dell'Argentario, tel. 335 6514145 -

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