The best smartwatches for those who ride a motorcycle.

The best multisport smartwatches, not only for athletes but also for motorcyclists or for those who do enduro or go to the track.

Best smartwatches 2022 motorcycle enduro track cross running multisport gps watches suunto garmin polar
The best smartwatches 2022 for those who ride a motorcycle

In a world where we are increasingly connected, even the Watches (smartwatches) multisport can have many useful functions for those who ride a motorcycle. Here is a selection of the best products for motorcyclists and sportsmen in general.

From GPS tracks to the barometer, from the connection with the smartphone to heart monitoring, today there are numerous brands and models that can also assist us motorcyclists, both for normal road activities and for those who compete on the track or off-road.

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  3. Safety first
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Main functions

Smartwatches, even the cheapest models, now interface with our smartphones and always keep us updated with numerous information and notifications. But the functions that interest us centaurs are those that made us choose the following models, including:

  • position GPS and the ability to record the traces of our route, especially for those who travel or explore new routes, even off-road
  • barometer and weather, to know in time if a sunny day or a sudden storm awaits us, as well as to know your altitude and the differences in height of the route
  • connectivity with the smartphone and notifications, or look at who is calling us for a second and maybe answer from bluetooth of the helmet
  • autonomy, another important factor for those who go in motorcycle all day and maybe he stays overnight in a tent, without many possibilities to charge the device

Functions for agonists

Those who practice motorcycling at a competitive level know how tiring it is, as in cross, enduro, track, supermoto and many other disciplines. For this reason it is essential to always have one's physical commitment under control training through cardiac monitoring, which in most cases takes place through the connection of the chest strap with the sensors.

Safety first

All the functions listed demonstrate that smartwatches, on a physical level, are not only a useful tool for measuring one's performance but I would say essential to prevent illness and / or better understand one's limits.

To this we add the usefulness of always having your position under control with the GPS, especially in an emergency, the possibility of launching a SOS, to know if a storm is coming or if you are climbing too high (for those who do not tolerate too high altitudes).

The models chosen by us:

Our selection is based on the latest innovations presented by the three main smartwatch manufacturers and on the functions we have selected, as well as to give you the possibility to choose the right model also based on price. Let's go in alphabetical order:

Garmin Fēnix 7 series

Best smartwatches 2022 motorcycle enduro track cross running multisport gps watches suunto garmin polar
Garmin Fenix ​​7 Series

The series fēnix 7 now combines reliable 5-button menu selection with a user interface touch screen responsive and latency-free with new and innovative features, as well as the system has been enhanced satellite reception with the implementation of the MULTI-BAND GNSS receiver, GPS-GALILEO-GLONASS e mapping multi continent preloaded, or free to download depending on the models.

Navigation is assisted by maps Topo Active Europe preload and use built-in Wi-Fi for simplified updates. The watch is tested to US military standards of resistance thermal, shock and water.

The lenses Power Sapphire ultra resistant use solar energy to extend battery life, fup to 22 days of battery life in smartwatch mode, enhancing the functions of training, sports app, fitness control sensors with wrist heart rate and oxygenation detection.

The models Garmin fēnix 7S, fēnix 7 and fēnix 7X, standard version (non-solar), Solar and Sapphire Solar Edition, are available from Garmin official sales channels from from Euro 699.99.

Polar Grit X Pro

Best smartwatches 2022 motorcycle enduro track cross running multisport gps watches suunto garmin polar
Polar Grit X Pro

Designed according to military standardsWith sapphire crystal and ultra-long battery life, it offers new navigation tools, always-on outdoor features and Polar's cutting-edge training solutions for all kinds of adventures.

The watch is more robust than its predecessors thanks to the scratch-resistant sapphire crystal and FKM straps. MIL-STD-810G design e waterproof up to 100 m guarantee its resistance in any environment.

The battery allows up to 40 hours of training with GPS and heart rate monitoring (up to 100 hours in power saving mode). Up to 7 days in watch mode with continuous measurement of cardiac activity.

Il GPS integrated shows the position with accuracy and the assisted GPS ensures faster signal reception without ever losing the right path thanks to step by step navigation in real time.

Intelligent night and automatic measurement of the recovery, to monitor the sonno and knowing how you recovered from training and other factors during the night to make optimal choices during the day.

Polar Grit X Pro costs € 499,90 for the standard version and 599,90 Euros for the Titanium one.

Suunto 5 Peak

Best smartwatches 2022 motorcycle enduro track cross running multisport gps watches suunto garmin polar
Suunto 5 Peak

Suunto introduces the GPS sports watch Suunto 5 Peak, designed for lovers of outdoor activities looking for a lightweight, compact, resistant and long-lasting partner to guide them towards achieving their goals of wellness and sporting performance.

Whether running, hiking, walking, cycling or trail running, the functions of
GPS navigation of the Suunto 5 Peak - including the turn by turn navigation - ensure that users can follow a return route with the certainty of not getting lost.

This new and advanced watch is 41% lighter than its predecessor, it is more elegant thanks to the absence of the external "nose" of the GPS of the old model, it offers up to 100 hours of battery life, convenient music controls on the watch, automatic software updates over the air and features the new Suunto design language and, finally, a selection of easily interchangeable straps to suit individual style.

In Time mode the watch lasts up to 10 days on a single charge. Beyond 80 sports modes to choose from or customize your own in Suunto app. Possibility of create routes and find routes for 20 different sports via maps in Suunto app. Route planning and activity display on 3D maps in Suunto app. Heartbeat On the wrist. The watch offers adaptive training guidance, tracks passivated, calories and recovery and measures the quality and duration of sleep. Comes with new Burner function: calculates the grams of fat and carbohydrates burned during training.

Suunto 5 Peak costs the public 299 euros.