Keeway is a motorcycle brand founded in 2003 in Budapest, Hungary, and is part of the Chinese group Qianjiang, a group which in turn also controls the Italian brand Benelli.


Keeway, present in 80 markets worldwide and based in Italy a Pesaro, markets a total of 9 motorcycle models in Italy and scooter, in displacements between 50 and 250. At the base of the scooter range we find the F-Act, a sporty 50cc 2-stroke scooter, on sale at €1.390. For €100 more, the X-Blade is available, still 50 2-stroke, characterized by a line that is still sporty, but with more attention paid to many details. The Logik is a medium-sized high-wheeled scooter, available in 125 and 150 displacements, also 4-stroke, both available at the price of €2.090. You can therefore decide, for the same price, whether to opt for the practicality of the 125, or for the slightly higher power of the 150. For those who love the maxi-scooter genre, the City Blades are also available: characterized by generous dimensions, these are also available in 125 and 150 four-stroke engine capacity, and also in this case at the same decidedly affordable price of €1890. As for motorcycles, Keeway has a range that includes naked, custom and supermotard. The custom bikes are the Superlight 125 and the Blackster 250: in both cases the well-finished aesthetics make them look like motorcycles with much larger engine capacity, and in both cases the price is very low: €1.990 for the Superlight and €2.990 for Blackster. The naked range is made up of RKS and RKW. The RKS is available in 125, and features a more extensive fairing than the RKW and is on sale for €1.990. The RKW, with slightly more essential lines, but just as modern, is available in both the 125 and 200 versions, with a price of €1.990 for the 125 and €2.290 for the 200. As for the Supermotards, the Keeway is called TX 125 Motard: characterized by a modern and pleasant styling, in line with the best competing motards, this one is also available at a very reasonable price, equal to €1.990.

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