What is the best motorcycle lock?

What is the best motorcycle lock? Here are some suggestions for choosing the one that best suits your needs.

We have tested the following motorcycle anti-theft products for you: Trackting GPS, Oxford XA10, Abus 8008 Granit Detecto and Viro Eurothor.

Those who use the motorbike, unfortunately, must often also think about protecting it from theft, damage and many malicious people. for this reason we have decided to show you a series of products for every type of need and budget.

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  1. Tracking Smart Alarm
  2. Oxford XA10 disc lock
  3. Disc lock 8008 Granit Detecto XPlus 2.0
  4. Viro Eurothor chain

Tracking Smart Alarm

Let's start with the most advanced system from a technological point of view, namely the Trackting Smart Alarm, the GPS anti-theft system without a subscription or fee.

Trackting Smart Alarm GPS motorcycle anti-theft without subscription
Tracking Smart Alarm GPS

The system is the only one in the world equipped with artificial intelligence, with no monthly fee, with an internal rechargeable battery that lasts up to 6 months, 100% made in Italy, always active and
able to track the stolen vehicle with maximum precision and timeliness. Ideal not only for two wheels, but also for many other vehicles, such as cars, vans, campers ...

Thanks to the special wireless Tag in the key fob (with a unique encrypted code), the alarm is activated automatically as soon as the owner moves away from his motorcycle or from his car. If the vehicle is handled and moved in his absence, via the mobile App (for iPhone and Android) Smart Alarm by Trackting immediately sends the alarm, "tracing" in real time the position of the vehicle on a map and calculating its direction and speed. The integrated eSIM, supplied free of charge, does not require any monthly fee and automatically connects to the best operator currently available on the cellular network, guaranteeing total coverage (in Italy, ma anche in Europe with the extended version for abroad which includes 39 countries).

Smart Alarm installation and maintenance are as practical and intuitive as its operation and does not require continuous power. Invisible and light, the alarm is kept in a small CASE​ “Anonymous”, which can be easily hidden in the saddle, in the trunk, or in the passenger compartment. To charge the battery, simply connect it to a common power bank without having to remove it.

Even in case of normal use, Smart Alarm is an extra help to remember where the motorbike or any other vehicle is parked, thanks to the functions of the App. Those who have different means to protect, then, are not forced to equip each of them with a device, but can easily move the same one over and over what he wants, if need be.

Trackting's anti-theft is smart not only for the technology but also for the price, which makes it extremely affordable. The "basic" version with coverage in Italy is available for € 199 while the extended version costs € 249 (retail prices). For information visit the Trackting Smart Alarm website.

Oxford XA10 disc lock

The Quartz XA10 disc lock is an anti-theft for motorcycles and scooter medium in size but super strong.

Oxford XA10 motorcycle disc lock

With the 10mm piston the mechanical security offered is excellent, but it is the sound anti-theft system that makes this device even more protective. Once activated, a slight movement is enough to sound at over 110 decibels both in case of attempted theft or tampering and in case of accidental start with the disc lock inserted.

In addition, the battery is charged via USB, which is much easier than replacing the old button cells often used in these devices.

The Quartz XA10 also has a key replacement service in case of total loss of the 3 copies supplied as standard. Just remember to make a note of the key number and keep it in a safe place. For more information visit the Bergamaschi SpA website which distributes Oxford.

Disc lock 8008 Granit Detecto XPlus 2.0

Now let's get on the disc lock limousine, with ABUS the choice of materials and technologies is always at the top. The version we tested is the top of the range of the German company.

Abus 8008 Granit Detecto XPlus 2.0 motorcycle disc lock
Abus 8008 Granite Detecto XPlus 2.0

This anti-theft device features a 16 mm locking pin made of special hardened steel. Thanks to the acoustic alarm system, the alarm emits a 100 dB signal for 15 seconds if the motorcycle to which it is connected is moved. GRANIT ™ Detecto XPlus 8008 2.0 then switches off automatically remaining armed. Integrated 3D Position Detection Technology reacts to the smallest movement. The ABUS XPlus cylinder hinders attempts at lock picking.

A bright LED key and lock cover for protection from dirt and corrosion are added values ​​to the GRANIT ™ Detecto XPlus 8008 2.0. For more information visit the ABUS website.

Viro Eurothor chain

And last but not least, the chain with Viro padlock, was chosen by us for those who need to "tie" the motorbike or scooter, to fix it to a removable support such as a pole or another anchoring system, or perhaps to tie two motorbikes together.

Viro Eurothor economic case-hardened steel motorcycle chain
Viro Eurothor chain

The body of the lock is in special case-hardened and tempered steel, its piston is anti-cut rotating, with 13 mm section, in case-hardened and tempered steel. The chain is hexagonal (to counteract manual miter saws which generally have sharp blades suitable for holding round profiles) in special steel (manganese), case-hardened, tempered, tempered and galvanized with an elongated last link ("noose" rings). The chain has a section of 13 mm. and is covered with a black protective sheath, in a fabric that minimizes bulk and is scratch-resistant.

Furthermore, it seems little, but we really appreciated the small bag that collects the chain, both to prevent it from cluttering too much, both to prevent it from scratching the interior of the bags or under the saddle compartments and above all to prevent the chain from dirtying around, especially when is wet. For more information you can visit the viro.it site.