Midland XT70 Adventure

Midland XT70, a practical communication system, simple to use but at the same time performing beyond the standards of normal amateur walkie-talkies.

Midland XT70 Adventure
Midland XT70 Adventure

With the Midland XT70 Adventure walkie talkie, adventures, motorcycle trips and communications are safe.

Who in the world motorcycle attends or organizes off-road raids has a clear need to "maintain" contact with fellow travelers.

In some places the network signal and the bike-to-bike distance allowed by the intercom are not enough. This is where the XT70 Adventure comes into play, a pair of walkie talkies that fit in a pocket weighing 130 grams and guaranteeing 18 hours of autonomy and a range of 12 km with any companion / guide.

Let's say right away that this is not a product dedicated to the motorcycle world in the strict sense. Its support is considered useful in all those “pushed” travel / excursion situations, for which the need to keep in touch is of primary importance… beyond the vehicle used. A context that two-wheeled travelers know well.

MIDLAND is known to motorcyclists above all for its wide range of intercoms. Many do not know that this brand is practically the leader in the world of radio communication. We can even go so far as to say that CBs (the so-called stalls) have spread thanks to this company, which still produces a large number of devices for vehicular communication, including a line of walkie talkies with professional characteristics, in which the model that we now tell you.

Midland XT70 Walkie Talkies
Midland XT70 Walkie Talkies


Sold with exceptional packaging, consisting of a rigid case that contains the various accessories, including two ear microphones, this pair of walkie talkies immediately stands out for the contrast between black and fluorescent yellow of its ABS shell.

Technically we are talking about a professional DUAL BAND radio that works on 69 LPD channels (low power Device with FM emission for short range communication on fixed frequencies) and 24 PMR446 channels (Personal Mobile Radio on UHF range band). A mix that allows the safety to communicate on different bands and frequencies in full freedom.

All controls appear at your fingertips, and every function or value shown in the backlit LCD display. These make it practical and quick to use the XT70 which, we repeat, allows coverage within a radius of 12 km and an autonomy of the battery pack supplied with the two walkie talkies up to 18 hours.

There are still many pluses to report: 38 CTCSS tones (plus an additional 83 DCS) available, charging via USB, “out of range” signaling, three sensitivity levels of the VOX function and the CALL function in 5 tones.

The retail price is 130 Euros and you will find all the information on the site Midland.