Midland BT Rush - Intercom and Bluetooth

BT Rush, the new Midland intercom with Mesh system and a concert sound.

Midland BT Rush intercom intercom bluetooth motorcycle travel couple
Midland BT Rush

BT RUSH is the new Midland intercom with “Mesh” technology, for maximum group communications in all conditions of use.

BT RUSH is also innovative from the point of view of sound, thanks to the partnership developed with the historic brand RCF, manufacturer of professional audio systems appreciated all over the world.

Two realities of excellence in the Emilian territory, united by a DNA that sees them committed to continuous research and development of innovative products since the 60s. MIDLAND recognized leader in radio transceiver vehicular. RCF leader in multiple markets related to sound, from Hi-Fi to Public Address to large audio systems for concerts.

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  3. RCF Audio System
  4. Audio Features

The experience that both brands have poured into the top of the BT RUSH range has allowed them to reach a quality standard that exceeds the expectations of any intercom user motorcyclist or scooter rider.

Midland BT Rush intercom intercom bluetooth motorcycle travel couple
Midland BT Rush - Unboxing

Group communications

The main advantage for the motorcyclist is represented by free communication, thanks to which he can enter and exit the conversation when he wishes, in automatic and simultaneous connection with a group of up to 10 people / motorcycles. To achieve this result theinterphone in object it offers conversation in Full Duplex realized with a MESH technology developed in house, plus the BLUETOOTH.

There are three ways to talk in a group that the BT RUSH has:

  • MESH DYNAMIC REPEAT: 6 people communicating and 99 listening, up to 3.5 km
  • MESH CONFERENCE: 10 people communicating and 99 listening up to 1.4 km
  • BLUETOOTH INTERCOM: One to One. 4 people in communication up to 500 m

Features BT Rush

There are still many “pro” features worth mentioning. From refined design to certification waterproof IPX6, from the comfortable MAGIcLOCK magnetic support to be fixed to the helmet, to the long life of the standard battery, to the audio quality of the connections available to communicate with other devices and to the full compatibility with the TFT connectivity and control systems integrated by motorcycle manufacturers in the dashboards of many of their models (BMW, HONDA, DUCATI…).

Thanks to the Stereo Background, the BT RUSH allows you to keep the GPS or music (not missing the FM radio) in the background to the intercom communication. BT RUSH also allows you to activate the connection with two mobile phones and an intercom of another brand. Digital technology is also called into question by the functions "Digital Noise Killer"and "Noise Gate”Which reduce background noise by up to 80%.

Midland BT Rush intercom intercom bluetooth motorcycle travel couple
Midland BT Rush - Details

RCF Audio System

With the BT RUSH, the well-known Emilian brand RCF has brought its know-how into the helmet motorcycle. MIDLAND will integrate it into its next generation Bluetooth intercoms; at the moment the undisputed advantages an audio quality never touched before is available exclusively on the top of the range model that we are presenting to you.

Audio Features

A dedicated, sophisticated and technically sophisticated project, which the user of the BT RUSH can appreciate through parameters that are easy to identify.

  • More defined bass, thanks to the adoption of a new custom speaker, driven by power and processing. Greater speech understanding: 50% more intelligibility in noisy conditions.
  • Professional sound, obtained through the use of a DPS (Digital Sound Processor)
    optimized for perfect low frequency extension and general linearity of the audio signal.
  • Round 40mm speakers with PEEK material membrane, designed to support maximum clarity and definition of sound.
  • Ear pads that improve sound performance and low frequency perception thanks to the Memory Foam heart and Protein Leather lining.

The "listening" experience that is gained from it cannot be explained in words. You need to try it out for yourself. The retail price is Euro 269,00 in the single version and Euro 479,00 in the twin version.