Metzeler Sportec M9 RR also for Maxi enduro

The new sizes of the METZELER SPORTEC M9 RR range dedicated to the adventure segment motorcycles will be arriving from December

Metzeler Sportec M9 RR also for Maxi enduro
Metzeler Sportec M9 RR

The family of Metzeler tires for Maxi Enduro is growing, with new sizes for the extremely sporty Sportec M9 RR. Ready to fold like you've never done before?

Just as the Maxi Enduro segment grows, safety also wants its podium and Metzeler takes to the track with new measures for travel bikes that often only hit asphalted terrain.


Sportec M9RR is the latest supersport tire from the Metzeler brand, designed for motorcyclists who stand out for their sporty driving style and use their own motorcycle in the most diverse climatic conditions. Initially intended for supersport, naked and crossover motorcycles with 17-inch bezels, the Sportec M9 RR range is further enriches thanks to the arrival of the 120/70 R 19 front and 170/60 R 17 rear sizes, dedicated to the equipment of the most popular adventure bikes, which will now be able to enjoy an unprecedented sport riding experience.

The new measures Sportec M9RR are dedicated to owners of the most popular adventure bikes, who prefer a dynamic riding style on passivated Mountain and the extra-urban traits they look for in a tire high levels of performance and safety. The main benefits of Sportec M9 RR are the ability to offer high driving pleasure thanks to a excellent handling, One quick warm-up and a high level of grip; constant performance throughout the life of the tire.

In detail

The structure of the new Sportec M9 RR tire sizes has been specially developed to ensure sporty performance and handling by taking into account the dimensions and weight of adventure segment vehicles, which are generally taller and heavier than road sports motorcycles. The engineers of the Metzeler brand have designed one for the front structure in PET, characterized by a relatively lower stiffness than traditional rayon measures, to offer the rider an easy and intuitive ride.

The rear measures of Sportec M9 RR are equipped with compounds of Full Silica shoulder derived from racing-rain, refined to stabilize their behavior at high temperatures, and newly formulated Full silica core compounds, arranged using the Cap & Base scheme. The Full Silica compounds are used to improve the warm-up time, the level of mechanical grip on a wide range of asphalts and the chemical grip in wet conditions, for the benefit of use on roads with uneven asphalts and in different weather conditions. . The same Full Silica central compound is also used in the 19-inch front sizes, in this case extended along the entire tread band, to guarantee a homogeneous response and perfect coupling between the two tires.

even the Profile it has been specially designed to best enhance the characteristics of the motorcycles for which the product is intended. The 19-inch front measurements of the Sportec M9 RR tire feature a slightly more rounded profile than the 17-inch measurements, geared to the challenging requirements of these bikes in terms of stability.