Metzeler New Tourance Next 2

METZELER unveils the new TOURANCE NEXT 2 designed for the latest generation adventure bikes.

Metzeler New Tourance Next 2 enduro road tire
Metzeler New Tourance Next 2

TOURANCE NEXT 2 is the new tire designed for Adventure and Enduro road bikes with improved wet grip and handling.

TOURANCE ™ NEXT 2 is the ideal choice for i owners of motorcycle road enduros used for both long journeys that for excursions outside the city, alone or with a passenger, even when fully loaded, and who seek in a tire the aggressive look of an off-road-inspired tread, but also an exhaustive synthesis of first-rate road performance joined to driving comfort e duration. Also motorcyclists who use theirs maxi enduro for daily urban trips they will appreciate the feeling of security that TOURANCETM NEXT 2 offers on different types of surfaces even in wet conditions. TOURANCETM NEXT 2 improves the performance of the its predecessor: in particular, the neutrality when cornering both when entering and traveling, and the feeling of safety supported by a considerable reduction in braking distances are enhanced.

The main benefits of TOURANCETM NEXT 2:

  • Agile and neutral behavior in particular on the latest generation vehicles in the sector, more and more performing and equipped with advanced systems electronics;
  • Reference performance in the wet with improved stopping distances compared to the TOURANCE predecessorTM NEXT (-10%[1]), even at low temperatures thanks to the use of the latest generation compounds and the innovative deposition scheme METZELER HYPERBASE;
  • Performance immediate and lasting throughout the life cycle of the tire thanks to a tread pattern based on METZELER DYMATEC, a design methodology that combines the functional characteristics of the tread pattern with uniformity of wear in the typical conditions of use of the segment;

Technology in detail:

Most of the radial range of TOURANCETM NEXT 2 benefits from technologies METZELER 0 ° STEEL RADIAL ed INTERACT™, which ensure a neutral and gradual response to motorcyclists with very different riding styles, and transmit a feeling of safety and full control of the vehicle at all times.

  • The tread pattern maintains the distinctive elements of the METZELER family and implements innovative technical solutions in favor of constant performance.
  • The longitudinal notches of the rear they are interrupted on the intersections with the other grooves for improve stability of the compound and ensure uniformity of wear for the benefit of the mileage performance while maintaining directionality on Strade Bianche.
  • The geometry of the grooves, designed with the DYMATEC methodology, optimizes the uniformity of wear and the functional contribution of the tread when the lean angle changes.
  • On the front tread band METZELER introduces one innovative high-silica compound (85%) containing functionalized polymers which enhance its wet grip characteristics and stability.
  • La rear tread band is multi-compound and characterized according to the measure by a CAP & BASE structure (the central compound extends below the two shoulder compound bands) or from the new METZELER HYPERBASE scheme (the central compound and the side bands are supported by a basis full-carbon-black oriented to dynamic and thermal stability).
  • The central band replicates the same compound as the front, while the shoulder ones are full-silica and oriented to the wet and to the support grip.

The TOURANCE rangeTM NEXT 2 available in 2021 includes the following eight sizes:

Metzeler New Tourance Next 2 enduro road tire measures
Metzeler New Tourance Next 2 Sizes