Metzeler Day 2021 is back on track!

Four events across three different circuits make up the 2021 Metzeler Day season.

Metzeler Day 2021 track tires mugello vallelunga cervesina
Metzeler Day 2021

Everyone on the track in Metzeler Day 2021: registrations are open for the Vallelunga stage through the new dedicated e-commerce site.

Four events in three different circuits make up the 2021 Metzeler Day season. The first appointment in Vallelunga is at the end of May.

The new website of the blue elephant brand dedicated to Metzeler Day that allows fans to proceed in a few passivated to register and purchase a fantastic track experience.

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The season of Metzeler Day 2021 is officially opened by the specialist two-wheeler brand with the launch of the new e-commerce site dedicated to Metzeler events:


The new site, currently available in Italian and English, is exclusively dedicated to the events and experiences that the blue elephant brand makes available to motorcyclists from all over the world. Developed by bikers for bikers with the needs of track day enthusiasts in mind, the new site Metzeler allows you to select the circuit and the preferred date, to complete the registration form and to proceed with the payment in a few simple steps.


First stop of the 2021 track season of Metzeler is the double appointment at the Vallelunga Piero Taruffi circuit, the Lazio circuit that since the first editions of the Metzeler Day represents an appointment awaited by many enthusiasts. In total, the complete calendar of the Metzeler Day 2021 season includes four track days on three different circuits:




Each Metzeler Day includes four twenty-minute sessions on the track and participants are divided into three groups based on the experience levels of each driver. Metzeler track engineers and special guests will be available during the day to give valuable advice on the set-up of the motorcycle and on the correct use of tires. Finally, each member will be able to take home the adrenaline and excitement experienced during the Metzeler Day thanks to the action photos included in the package.

Metzeler RACETEC

At the Metzeler Days, motorcycles equipped exclusively with tires from the Metzeler RACETEC ™ and SPORTEC ™ product families are allowed on the track. In particular, among the tires allowed are included SPORTEC ™ M7 RR and SPORTEC ™ M9 RR from the road sports range, RACETEC ™ Slick and RACETEC ™ RR from the racing portfolio, and finally the most recent product developed by Metzeler engineers specifically for use in track during track days: the RACETEC ™ TD Slick.


RACETEC ™ TD Slick is a slick tire for the track of easy and immediate use, which can also be used without tire warmers, and which does not require any particular set-up of the bike in order to be exploited to the fullest. RACETEC ™ TD Slick has among its salient features the peak performance, the constant performance even after several sessions, the versatility on different asphalts and operating temperatures, the high resistance to abrasion and the possibility of reversing the direction of rotation of the rear between sessions if the circuit configuration consumes the tires mainly on one side only.

RACETEC ™ TD Slick has been designed for riders who want the benefit of a slick product but without the need for additional racing equipment (stands / tire warmers / power generators, etc.) or a refined set-up of bikes and suspension such as usually a slick racing tire requires.

Terms and conditions, as well as the complete regulation of each event, are available on the site