Marche by motorbike: San Bartolo Park

Let's discover the Marche by motorbike, the itinerary of the San Bartolo Park, with its sea and its villages among the most beautiful in Italy.

Marche by motorbike - San Bartolo Park - Fiorenzuola di Focara
Marche by motorbike - San Bartolo Park - Fiorenzuola di Focara

Motorbike tour in the Marche for a short but wonderful tour through the San Bartolo Park, from Gabicce Mare to Pesaro.

The panoramic road that crosses the Monte San Bartolo Natural Park and that connects Gabicce to Pesaro is a true cross between art and nature.

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Gabicce Mare (and Monte)

Gabicce Mare it is famous for its natural beauty, made even more fascinating by the promontory of Monte San Bartolo on which it stands Gabicce Mountain. The beach is beautiful, the sea warm and above all clean. If we then add excellent food and the warm Marche welcome, we understand why it is one of the most fascinating tourist destinations on the Adriatic Riviera. Marche.

The stretch is short, perhaps more to be considered one walk, but certainly a pearl not to be missed, indeed to go slowly to enjoy the park and the truly beautiful scenic stops.

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Gabicce Mare seen from Monte

We recommend a stop in the medieval village of Gabicce Mountain, within the San Bartolo Natural Park, with its Valbruna square, some small old houses that surround it and the Church of Sant'Ermete, at the entrance to the town.

During the summer we recommend a dip in the splendid Vallugola bay, a true paradise for those who want to get out of the chaos of the Riviera: inserted in a beautiful inlet protected on either side by two promontories that separate it from Gabicce and Castel di Mezzo. This splendid bay has a beach of colored pebbles and crystal clear water, a real rare pearl of the Adriatic Sea.

Casteldimezzo and Fiorenzuola di Focara

We make a brief stop at the village of Casteldimezzo, due to its median position between the castles of Gabicce and Fiorenzuola di Focara. There was a time when the village had an important port on the slopes of its hill and the protection offered by the adjacent fortified centers made it castle of absolute importance. Contended between the Ravenna and Pesaro Churches first and then between the two branches of the Malatesta family, Casteldimezzo hosted impressive military garrisons both at the time of the aforementioned Lords of Rimini and those of the Sforza and Della Rovere families. Unfortunately, the slow erosion of the sea on the hill in 1648 caused half the town to collapse into the blue of the Adriatic.

Fiorenzuola di Focara hill san bartolo pesaro gabicce mare park adriatic marches motorcycle itinerary
Fiorenzuola of Focara

We advance a few more kilometers and we find ourselves at Fiorenzuola of Focara. Unfortunately, the collapses, landslides and earthquakes that have occurred over the years have affected the place so much and today the ancient fortress is mutilated. This village overlooking the sea still retains an immense charm, with the remains of the pentagonal walls and the three surviving bastions, and the beautiful gateway. Of the church of Sant'Andrea remains the suggestive bell tower with the clock that marks the passage of time with its tolls.


We recommend before, after or during the journey, obviously a detour (I would say obligatory) to the famous one Village of the Castle of Gradara and the famous Benelli, which produces motorcycle from over 100 years.

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