Motorbike route from Sapri to Maratea, Perla del Tirreno, along the SS18 coastal state road overlooking the sea to discover a wonderful village and unique flavors.

maratea porto cristo sea basilicata
The port of Maratea - Ph. Canva

Inspired by the famous film by Rocco Papaleo, Basilicata Coast to Coast, we bring you to know the starting point of their journey: Maratea.

Heading south, you literally drive overlooking the sea, especially in the stretch of the coastal state road SS18 from Sapri a Maratea, with a breathtaking view of the beaches that appear curve after curve and you go slowly, because the panorama is truly unique.

If you come from the north, you can discover the wonders of the Cilento Coast stopping other little ones historic villages or diving into a really beautiful sea.

Maratea, baptized the "pearl of the Tyrrhenian Sea"Is as small as it is rich: sea caves, silent beaches and lush mountains that plunge into transparent waters, Maratea is one of the most visited tourist destinations in Basilicata and an ideal stop for those who love the sea. Who practices snorkeling o immersione here you can immerse yourself in clear waters and discover beautiful backdrops. The village of Maratea has the typical beauty of small Mediterranean towns, with white houses and narrow streets that are lost in romantic squares.

Then you cannot leave the village without having tried the local fish delicacies renowned restaurants in the port, and meat in the alleys evocative of the village. There are many typical products and dishes not to be missed but we have not been able to try them all. In any case, we certainly recommend the sausages, Senise cruschi peppers, vegetables or first courses such as Ciaiudedda and fish soup.

Maratea - Access avenue to Christ the Redeemer
Maratea - Access avenue to Christ the Redeemer - Ph. Canva

Over everything dominates thehuge statue of the Christ Redeemer (second in size only to that of Rio de Janeiro), tall twenty-one meters and built on the top of Mount San Biagio. From there you can admire the coast of Maratea in all its splendor. We assure you that it is worth it, also because the road and the hairpin bends that will take you to the top are truly "breathtaking"!

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