Trentino by motorbike: Madonna di Campiglio and Lake Molveno

Itinerary in Trentino: by motorbike from the Pearl of the Brenta Dolomites, Madonna di Campiglio, to Lake Molveno, through the Val Rendena.

Molveno Lake - Trentino
Molveno Lake - Trentino

By motorcycle between the Alps and the Dolomites also means nature and between passes and many curves, a visit to the Adamello Brenta Natural Park is mandatory.

We arrive from the north, after having crossed the Tonale pass, with its 1.884 meters above sea level. Trentino, we turn uphill again for the beautiful hairpin bends and the splendid SS239 that crosses Folgarida.

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  2. The esplanade and the unusual stop
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Madonna di Campiglio

Our Lady of Campiglio - Trentino
Madonna di Campiglio - Trentino

After a few kilometers, already immersed in nature, we arrive at Madonna di Campiglio, a famous ski resort at an altitude of 1.550 meters. We are in the heart of the Val Rendena, between The Dolomites of the Brenta and the Adamello and Presanella glaciers.

Already in the second half of the twentieth century it was a place of residence of the nobility and the rich Austrian bourgeoisie: among its guests we must mention the princess Sissi and the Emperor Franz Joseph of Austria.

Its location is perfect for those who enjoy hiking, trekking, cycling and mountain biking on the nearby Adamello Brenta. The landscapes are always postcard-worthy, thanks to the wonderful Brenta Dolomites that frame.

We continue south, crossing Pinzolo, from which (on foot) it is possible to reach the beautiful ones Nardis Falls or Vallesinella.

The stop in Spiazzo and the unusual discovery

Obviously, between photographs, videos and walks to reach the most evocative places, time flies. We arrive at open space, central point of the valley.

If you don't arrive late you can visit the knife factory and the artisan laboratories of Borzago, where they distil gentian liqueur. Having “tasted” these delicacies and being a little tired we decide to stop for the night. On the map at the bottom of the article you will find the waypoints.

Garni Casa Moresc - Open space
Garni Casa Moresc - Spiazzo

They advise us a little Garni, Moresc house to two passivated from the state. Perfect! Exactly what travelers like: warm and welcoming rooms, restaurant with exquisite dishes and a lot of kindness and courtesy from the staff. Click here to find out everything about the structure.

Furthermore there is a story behind the family of this garnì that makes it truly special. In fact, it seems that the Chesi Moresc took their name from their participation in the crusade in the Holy Land organized by Federico II °. On their return from this enterprise in the land of the Moors they received the nickname of Moresc, that is, of those who were from the "Moors". It is from this ancient legend that the artist was inspired to design the work exhibited at the entrance of the structure.

Masere Park Beer Garden
Masere Park Beer Garden

After the perfect evening, rested, indeed reborn, especially after a super breakfast, we "have to" resume the motorcycle and continue our journey. Before inserting the first, we also discover that in the summer they also have a Beer Garden surrounded by greenery a few hundred meters away, perfect for those traveling by motorbike and want to stop for lunch or dinner, with one 10% Off dedicated to travelers arriving by motorbike. We will have to come back here ...

We resume the road that descends along the Val Rendena, we avoid the state road and we “dive” into nature on the provincial SP53, which from Fisto takes you to Preore. Here it becomes SP34. Obviously it is a small mountain road, so pay attention, also because the landscape is truly enchanting and it is easy to get distracted.

Molveno Lake

Molveno Lake - Trentino
Molveno Lake - Trentino

After about 34 kilometers we come to see another jewel of the Trentino. We stop on the shores of the lake and notice that a majestic natural setting rises around us chain mountain range of the Brenta Group, from the massif of Mount Magpie and Paganella. Turn off the engines and enjoy the show.

The poet Antonio Fogazzaro called it a “precious pearl in a more precious casket”.

Il Lake Molveno is an alpine lake of natural origin that in 2019 was proclaimed for the 6th consecutive year the most beautiful and cleanest lake in Italy by Legambiente and the Italian Touring Club for the quality of water, beach and services. North of the lake is the village of Molveno, Orange Flag of the Touring Club.

For those who want to stop for a morning and discover the territory of Lake Molveno, with the Panoramic cable car, open from May to October, it is possible to go up toPradel plateau, with a truly breathtaking view.

For those who want to discover the wild fauna of Trentino, about ten minutes by motorbike from Lake Molveno is the Spormaggiore wildlife park, which is home to animals such as brown bears, wolves, owls and lynxes.

Where to sleep and eat

♦ The Garnì Casa Moresc it is located in Spiazzo, under the Brenta Dolomites and a few kilometers from Madonna di Campiglio. Perfect location to discover the whole valley and surroundings.

The main services of the structure are: restaurant, bar, garden e WiFi free in all areas. The property offers double rooms, triple, quadruple e family. The private parking is perfect for the night shelter of motorbikes. Every morning a breakfast buffet with homemade cakes, cold cuts, cheeses and many other delicious things. For more information visit the website.

Il Masere Park Beer Garden, open from May to September, it is perfect if you are passing by during the day for a cool break on the road e those arriving by motorbike will have a 10% discount for lunch or dinner.

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