Oxford padlocks

Here are the OXFORD padlocks, a well-known English brand distributed in Italy by Bergamaschi :. We have chosen three models, different from each other in type and use on the vehicle. They are called LEVERLOCK, LidLocK, BOSS ALARM.

Oxford Locks Padlocks

The range of padlocks of the English brand continues to expand and present new models. We have chosen three, different in type and use.

In the UK, around 70 motorcycles are stolen every day (but the figures are not very dissimilar in the rest of the continent). Less than 14% are later found. To these data is added the behavior of users: statistics show that more than half leave their vehicle unattended and without suitable protections.

It seems incredible, but in short stops many rely only on the steering lock, which very little is needed for experienced thieves to neutralize it.

To better understand the subject, we have chosen three models, different from each other in terms of type and use on the vehicle. They are called LEVERLOCK, LidLocK, BOSS ALARM.


Oxford Locks Padlocks
Oxford Locks - Leverlock

This mechanical anti-theft locks the brake lever and the accelerator. Immobilize motorcycle, scooter and ATV and is produced in black and a high visibility yellow. Works with 28 to 38mm diameter grips; it has a compact design and fits comfortably even in a pocket. Its "push to lock" mechanism makes it very easy to use. Supplied with 3 high security keys. May not be compatible with some handguards. PUBLIC PRICE: 44,00 euros.


Oxford Locks Padlocks
Oxford Locks - LidLock

A carabiner that promises helmet protection e clothing motorcycle. Lightweight but sturdy, it attaches directly to the helmet's D-ring but comes with an accessory (the T-Bar) as standard which makes it compatible with quick-release buckles. The coiled cable is used to secure a jacket or other item of clothing. The lock is a combination (4 numbers) with opening of the mechanism towards the outside. Available in black only. PUBLIC PRICE: 28,00 euros.


Oxford Locks Padlocks
Oxford Locks - Boss Alarm

The brake disc padlock, with a unique design and bright colour, defined by OXFORD as the most robust ever and resistant to all atmospheric agents. Its robustness and reliability has been proven by 7 bodies specialized in international security standards (including the prestigious and independent SOLD SECURE). Purchasable with a 14 or 16 mm diameter arc, it integrates a removable "sound alarm" module which in this new version has an improved range (the batteries ensure 5 years of operation). The height of the bow allows you to use the BOSS ALARM combined with a chain (optional). Three keys supplied. PUBLIC PRICE: 109,90 euros.

For all information you can visit the site Bergamaschi.

Good road to all and remember that "Roads are made for travel, not for destinations" (Confucius).

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